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The #Grabbys2017 Results are in!

Every year, porn’s hottest hunks flock to Chicago for the Grabbys. The event celebrates the best of the adult entertainment industry, so it’s no surprise that it awards the hottest porn stars we can think of. In fact, we’re such

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CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR FAN FAVORITE, DIEGO SANS! Thank you to all those who voted for our nominees over the last few weeks. The 2017 Grabby Awards took place this evening in Chicago and Diego Sans ultimately came out on top.

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Meet the Models from #IML

Big things are going down in Chicago this weekend. And guys are going down on big things, too. In fact, people from across the globe are flying in for International Mr. Leather, a five day celebration of hair, muscle, and,

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SITE UPDATE: More hot member videos!

You can now log on and jerk off right from the home page of desktop. Due to popular demand, we’ve removed featured cruisers and added in a second row of hot ‘n horny member videos. Log on and beat

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Prowler Porn Award Winners 2017

The Prowler Porn Awards, which celebrate the best of British porn, took place this past Saturday evening in London. Keep scrolling for a look at some of the night’s big winners! Best British Cam Performer: Paddy Pass Hottest British Porn

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NEW RELEASE: “Online Recently” Feature

We’re always looking for ways to make your cruising experience hornier than before! So today, we’ve introduced a new “online recently” feature so you’ll always know who is currently online and ready to hookup, and who has recently been online.

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George Michael Sexual Freedom Party

Queer Tours of London has just announced that the first global celebration of the George Michael Wants You party is coming to Hampstead Heath, London this weekend. The goal of this party, founded by a coalition of London’s LGBTQI+ community, is

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Nominate The Hottest Porn Star #Grabbys

You’re skimming through porn, looking for something to get you off. You click a video. You click a related video. You click another related video. Maybe you skip through it quickly. There’s a cock in his hand, a cock in

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Wall Calendar Giveaway

  Due to popular demand, we’ve produced a small number of 2017 wall calendars. Get ’em while they’re hot!

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Get Squirting Faster by Adding Squirt to Your Phone Screen

There’s no app – and for good reason. Being an accessible website lets you share your dirtiest pictures and videos with the hottest guy. But, just because you don’t download doesn’t mean you can’t access it with the

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