Daddy’s Pride and Joy W/ MASON LEAR & MAXX MONROE


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GAYCEST: Like any grown man, when I find myself with a little free time, I often quickly discover that I’m awfully horny and in need of some release. But unlike most men of my age, I am able to frequently turn to my very handsome son Maxx for that! Luckily for me, he’s always game, but every so often I like to sneak away to my room to enjoy some alone time with myself—if you know what I mean!

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Although, ironically, I must confess—while I’m alone in my room, touching myself, I’m almost always fantasizing about Maxx. I love thinking about and savoring the memories of the insanely hot sexual experiences my son and I have had together.

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    • And who’s forcing you to look at material you don’t like?

      Did you NOT read the title description on the home page? Or, if you did, did you miss the title at the top of this entry?

      It CLEARLY says (in both places) “Daddy’s Pride and Joy.” What the FUCK did you think the set would be about?

      Don’t tell me that we’re going to need a “Warning” at the top of each page. Something like: “If you find implied incest to be offensive, please leave now.”

  1. While I find Mason’s body to be very hot, this script doesn’t work for me. Continued promotion of incest does nothing positive for gay men across the country.

    • So, if it had been “role play”–where Mason simply called Maxx “son” and Maxx called Mason “daddy”–would THAT have been any different? I seriously doubt either of these guys is actually related to the other so why is this some kind of problem?

      For fuck’s sake, when you read a personal ad and someone’s looking for “daddies” or “sons,” do you get on your fucking high horse and complain about that? Do you send nasty emails or chats to the people saying how they’re “promoting incest” and doing “nothing positive for gay men?” Did you watch “Game of Thrones?” If so, were your repulsed when the NON-RELATED actors Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Lena Headley played an incestuous couple? Or the last season’s coupling of Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington whose characters were aunt and nephew?

      THIS IS FICTION. Heterosexual incest in fiction has existed for thousands of years (hell, it’s the basis for most of Greek mythology) and has often been used in mainstream soap operas but, for some reason, if used in a same-sex context, some people lose their shit about it. *IF* these stories suggested force or non-consensual behavior, you’d have a point but they don’t.

      People are NOT going to take any particular offense at “gay incest”; the people who would claim they’re offended by it are lying because they’re offended by the GAY content–without any concern about the actual storyline. Heterosexual men are far more likely to sexually abuse boys than gay men–that’s a fact. But it hasn’t changed the anti-gay rhetoric one iota. The homophobes are going to attack gays regardless of what gay men do or don’t do..

      • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just as you are. Take your own advice, and resist the urge you have to lash out at anyone who sees things differently.

        Please note, however, that there are more comments from guys who find incest of any sort to be disturbing.

      • Thank you for mentioning other great works of literature that discuss incest and gay literature. Now officials like Ron DeSantis will have even more books to ban from libraries.

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