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COCKY BOYS: Boomer Banks and Tegan Zayne have been flirting on social media for a while now and the feelings they have for each other are as real as Boomer’s infamous cock! Tegan is our newest exclusive and he is more than excited that his first scene is with his friend, Boomer. Apparently, they are both hooked on playing Pokémon Go so as they bonded over each other’s nerdy-ness their feelings grew stronger with each laugh and every touch. By the end of the afternoon the two could not keep their hands off each other so naturally there was only one way this could have ended. As they lay on the couch outside enjoying the warm summer afternoon Tegan admits that he’s turned on to which Boomer replies with a kiss then grabs Tegan’s hand and guides it down to his crotch. Needless to say Tegan knows exactly what to do from that moment on so he makes his way down Boomer’s body and without thinking twice about it shoves Boomer’s huge cock down his throat until he gags and can’t take any more of it. As spit drools down his mouth Boomer just keeps fucking his face as he tells him to open up and take it. Of course Tegan takes his time playing around with Boomer’s foreskin as well which gets Tegan so turned on that he begs Boomer to fuck his throat.


As Boomer pounds into Tegan’s throat he starts sucking his dick and playing with his ass too until Tegan can’t take it anymore and needs to get fucked. At first Boomer goes slow and makes sure Tegan doesn’t break in half but after a few minutes Tegan is begging for more overwhelmed with please as Boomer’s gigantic cock fills him up to the max. At that point Boomer shows Tegan no mercy as he pounds away with all his might making Tegan moan louder and louder. Hungry for more, Tegan hops on top of Boomer to ride him for a while before falling on his back with his legs up in the air to let Boomer take him from behind. Apparently that’s when Boomer really hits the spot and as Tegan feels the pressure in his cock building up he tells Boomer “Fuck it out of me” which is exactly what Boomer does. As Tegan shoots his massive load out into the air Boomer pulls out and covers Tegan with his cum. At the end all they could say is “Woof!” and woof indeed!



















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  1. Hate the tats and beards. Remove both and a couple of hot guys. Top could slip me his cock anytime

  2. I’d luv to be in the middle of them both, but frankly I’d be happy just watching them both! Each is superb, together they are amazing. I’d melt in their presence.

  3. Boomer would be so much hotter without all the tats. Tegan, on the other hand, is just fine as he is.

  4. those tats are enough to turn a gay man straight. what a tawdry set of body graffiti, a huge turn-off even if he’s got enough cock for two. Now Tegan on the other hand…:)

  5. Tegan. Hate to say it but being real, take about the impressive cock, there’s not much left to Boomer.

  6. Grandma’s dining room wallpaper pattern turns up yet again as tats on the one guy. Makes me think of her delicious date-filled oatmeal cookies…and all the hours I spent helping scrape that awful paper off the wall when my folks moved into her house on the farm. Nice to see the ferny background reused in one of the backgrounds.

  7. What a distraction with all the tats. Artwork is meant for the walls and not one’s bod. Tats on the neck and yet the fingers? He sure could not work for Costco. Whatta waste of expense to look like a mess.

  8. What a cock Boomer has, would love to try it out sometime. Tegan with that nice hairy chest gets me going. Would love a threesome with these two!

  9. Arrghhh, we get it, some of you hate tats. Go look somewhere else then, because some of us think they are HOT! Both of these guys are hot, especially together, and the tats make for real men….

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