Model Of The Day: Braun Drek

Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Sep 25, 2011 Under Model of the Day

33 Responses to “Model Of The Day: Braun Drek”

  1. lawrence20043 Says:

    WOW, this man is so hot. I have a hardon instantly. Gorgeous, handsome, muscular, big, thick cock. Just a perfect specimen. What else can you asked for?

  2. gents_is_locked Says:

    Stunning, absolutely stunning. This guy is perfect in every way.

  3. AYA Says:

    I don’t care if a guy is slender, muscular, brawny, skinny…just…DAMN…there is something about vascularity that is so fucking hot! I want to kiss every vein, trace them with my tongue, especially the veins on his stomach leading down to that GORGEOUS SEXY COCK!

  4. wantalook Says:

    Fucking Gorgeous

  5. moreskin Says:

    Oh my flying spaghetti monster. I’m even willing to overlook the circumcision scar on that one.

  6. sicilianmikey Says:

    Whatta man, whatta man what a MIGHTY GOOD MAN.
    ..YES HE IS!

  7. LoveDick1 Says:

    His Mother should be shot for allowing the dr to mutilate his cock. If he had a 4skin, he’d be perfect………..

  8. kleist4men Says:

    Forget the foreskin! Absolute perfection!! Best looking man I have ever seen!

  9. kamgymguy Says:

    This man is clearly in extremely good physical shape and the pics are shot by a professional photographer. I hope he does well in whatever he chooses to do. He has obviously worked long and hard training, eating the right foods and takes extremely good care of himself. I am a trainer and I would be proud to accompish a portion of what he has accomplished.

  10. michaelovescock Says:

    :) 😉 :) YUMM

  11. Tristanpc Says:

    If only men knew how to clean their foreskins properly. I undoubtedly prefer cut men. Way much more hygienic.

  12. trueone Says:

    Oh what a perfect man. This has to be the best body you have shown Sarge. Keep up the good work to keep other things up.

  13. guysx1 Says:

    Fuck guys at the Squirt Team!! who do I have I have to bear my arse to, & how many of ya, for how how many weeks, to score a job on ya team, to check the different websites??!! I swear, just from viewing the pics you show, I nearly wank my boner off, so many times!!!!

  14. mikepat Says:

    Perefect in EVERY way !!!

  15. jorge69 Says:

    Just when I think I have seen perfect, you throw another 10++++ at us. Great job. Thanks for sharing. Keep it cuming!

  16. TimBo196344 Says:


  17. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite Says:

    Oh my God he is the best

  18. lawrence20043 Says:

    Braun Drek. My man. I cum to see you whenever I can. Coach, can you leave him here FOREVER, PLEASE!
    He is so HOT and PERFECT.Like his boyish handsome look.
    Can’t get enough of him.

  19. lawrence20043 Says:

    I am back agian Braun. Just can’t get enough of you. How muscular you are and your fat cock.