134 Responses to “Which Brother Would You Choose? Shorty (L) or Three Star (R)?”

  1. moreskin Says:

    Tough call, but three star.

  2. aussieboy18 Says:

    one in either hole would do me and then maybe both in one

  3. Surrey_guy19 Says:

    Wuld luv to ram the guy on the right hes hot and juicy

  4. whill30 Says:

    3 Star all the way. Swallow that jizz and get him to fuck me hard

  5. eatmequick Says:

    both are really HOT with great dicks – shorty’s just a bit cuter

  6. iehairybear Says:

    Neither thank you.

  7. placentiadewd Says:

    I luv 4skin , but shoty is cute.
    Why can’t i have both?

  8. cockwrapper Says:

    BOTH,shorty on all fours with my cock in his tight young ass and 3stars pounding my butt.YUM !

  9. hairycub08 Says:

    Umm there head’s don’t match with there body’s…

  10. dean24 Says:

    I think 3 stars is really hot. I’m not a fan of foreskin, but he’s much better looking and has a hot body to boot. When hard the foreskin is no longer an issue anyway.

  11. seany88 Says:

    Guys on the right is hot

  12. seany88 Says:

    guy on left is cute … would take the right first lol


    I’m with aussieboy18 — Spit-roast me first, guys, then — if it’s not too weird for you – Double Penetrate my accomodating asshole :O}

  14. JaseLovesCum Says:

    BOTH !

  15. JaseLovesCum Says:

    and is there a vid of them doing each other ???

    Oh please, y’all thought it too 😉 lol

  16. 4beards Says:

    3 star as he has less Rob Blagojevich hair, yet still has “LEGO” hair!! Although, there is something to say about a man with puff hair (R) …. they seem to get more wild!!!

  17. SicilianMikey Says:


  18. g121s Says:

    three stars ..but how could you leave shorty in the shop hope they do a bogof offer !!!!

  19. bpdonz Says:

    Three star for sure, I’m not into the under 21 crowd.

  20. Hottcub87 Says:

    Shorty! Something cute about him! 😉

  21. morefun4u Says:

    3 star bro

  22. HornyAndTall Says:

    Gotta Be 3 Star
    He looks mischievous
    O & very horny too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. coventryguy Says:

    NEITHER! ick!

  24. mdcollege_stud69 Says:

    Three Star in my ass and Shorty in my mouth, then switch! But take their spunk in my mouth/on my face every single time!!!!!

  25. sergius1970 Says:

    Neither. Like most Americans, their dicks are too tiny

  26. loveabearuk Says:

    They’re probably both really nice guys to know but sorry, neither gets anything stirring for me :(

  27. MaculineFoothillsMan Says:

    How can you tell they’re American? Give me a Break!!!! I almost had no Sex in Britain after Refusing to get Naked with most of the Locals, and get Choked to Death on some of the Fish “Bones” in the Fish & Chip Capital of the World!!! :-(

  28. rrgillingham Says:

    they’re both hot!…nothing to argue about….let’s all just be merry and gay!merry xmas everyone

  29. tosh1a Says:

    NEITHER .. They both look like the result of *Daddy slipping one into his daughter*

  30. nosa Says:

    Don’t ya just lovvvvvvve brothers….I lovvvvvve their father’s toooo…I’d nurture an drain their uncut plumbing 24/7…

  31. nosa Says:

    I’d eat every piece of them both…………….

  32. nosa Says:

    I always loved Bobby and Teddy……The yanks stuffed that themselves….

  33. wozer Says:

    left for me mmmm

  34. ChicagoBi Says:

    both one in each hole.

  35. GhseSlut Says:

    A tall man and a short one together is always very sexy but I prefer the small ones and don’t like tattoos.

  36. GhseSlut Says:

    I like the one nearest the camera in the picture at head of the page.

  37. hotcumguy38 Says:

    sorry I would choose both

  38. apollo01 Says:

    got to be both they could fill both holes and tthen just the one together

  39. justwantsomefun Says:

    short on the left his hot plus i like shorter guys hes so cute look at the fuckable smile

  40. ducky1 Says:

    i love both theye can fuck me any time

  41. dodge1998 Says:

    I would take 3 star and then he would take me

  42. woodcock Says:

    The little fucker on the left for me . Being Irish I’m used to big thick cocks

  43. keithbryant Says:

    Its the one on the left for me. Love thin young guys with a big cock!

  44. sunflyer86 Says:

    With these two, it’s going to be a tie!

  45. TimBo196344 Says:


  46. mikepat Says:

    NO CONTEST..the tall one

  47. msuper Says:

    The right one! Looks more relaxed

  48. guysx1 Says:

    boys, you can spit me like a pig, ANY DAY! :P:P

  49. Rodgyer Says:

    Either one both horny nice to see 2 brothers showing there proud cocks.

  50. jake1224 Says:

    I prefer the less hairy one, but, I will not turn down the other brother if he needs a hole for his cock.

  51. Trunzo Says:

    Gotta love brothers. Especially uninhibited brothers with erections. Not sure about the toupees, though.

  52. alexgood1 Says:

    i’d like 3 star 2 suck and get fucked by, but i’d only suck off shorty

  53. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite Says:


  54. poolbear2717 Says:

    i’d fuck 3 stars