Leather Attitude/ HOT or Hilarious?

Posted by SGT. COACH on Wednesday Dec 7, 2011 Under Porn, Mega Dirty Pics

57 Responses to “Leather Attitude/ HOT or Hilarious?”

  1. schlonger28 Says:

    FUCKING HOT!!!!!!

  2. twoingr Says:

    Very FUCKING HOT!!

  3. funinkits Says:

    Leather. The comic opera of sex – a lot posing and yelling, but not much gets accomplished.

  4. g121s Says:

    DEFO FUCKING smoking HOT

  5. DonkeyBottom Says:

    Fuck yeah, the only improvement would have been a cigar instead of the cigarette

  6. lui Says:

    putzzzz…. who is this man……is nice……

  7. SammyDean Says:

    I would say it is pretty damn HOT!

  8. drleroy Says:

    Have to go with hot

  9. jack_the_lad Says:


  10. johmo Says:

    well fucking hot….the gob bit was hilarious tho

  11. reginaboy Says:

    Hot guy…wish I could have licked off his dick head after he came and then kiss him sticking my tongue in deep and dirty.

  12. LaXXXguy Says:

    Frigging HOT. Shaved or hairless?

  13. hottestboy Says:

    The cock is hot, the act is hilarious!

  14. gburg Says:

    IT’S HOT

  15. scunnyphil Says:

    Totally hot, what a gorgeous guy

  16. azswaggaboi69 Says:


  17. doggothisgroveback Says:


  18. suckinfuck Says:

    Fuck yeah that’s hot…

  19. ern Says:

    very hot like to ride that

  20. DazzlingOne Says:

    The cap and dog tags nice. The cigarette is total turn off.

  21. search_for_oral Says:

    Undecided…Would he rather be smokin or stroking? One gets in the way of the other, no matter how you shake ti.

  22. iehairybear Says:

    Very HOT, the cigarette needs to go.

  23. BlockedUser Says:

    lowercase hot

  24. suckyouoff_chicago Says:


  25. kellboi Says:

    hot hot and irresistable

  26. olleja Says:

    that is really fucking hot

  27. rick71142 Says:

    I just blew one hell of a load watching it .
    So yes it was Very hot !

  28. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite Says:

    very sexy and hot