Christian Thorn @ Randy Blue

Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Dec 16, 2011 Under Model of the Day

How fucking HOT is Randy Blue’s Christian Thorn… VERY!!!
Don’t miss all the AWESOME pics after the jump (from WAY BIG!)

2,403 Responses to “Christian Thorn @ Randy Blue”

  1. deeptongue Says:

    …yet another beeeeyooootiful body disfigured with ink!!!

  2. dutch1959 Says:

    Love the cock and ass, but why disfigure a beautiful body with all those tats?

  3. charlie61 Says:

    The boy is totally hot except for the tats

  4. suckinfuck Says:

    Hey you guys…tats are ok…don’t be like that, he is hot with or with out…

  5. andy05gy Says:

    disfigure WTF!!!!!!!!! tattooing is a way of expressing ones self, tattoos are beautiful so shut up!!!

  6. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite Says:

    very hot

  7. UIUC1978 Says:

    Tats are just another form of body decoration. Same as manscaping, piercings and fetish wear (Leather harness’, chaps, boots or clothing.) I love any type of body art, even when it’s not something that I want on my body.

  8. UIUC1978 Says:

    I also find Scarification (Branding or cutting the flesh with a design or emblem) to be a sign of incredible dedication and honor to someone/thing. I know a leather master/daddy in Chicago who branded his slave/lover on the ass with his initials. The slave takes great delight in showing the brand and lets everyone know that he is the property of his master.