Hot Or Hilarious?

Posted by SGT. COACH on Monday Dec 19, 2011 Under Mega Dirty Pics

55 Responses to “Hot Or Hilarious?”

  1. snave Says:


  2. moose6969 Says:

    the guy is hot, dont know about the guy doing a runner though, lol

  3. bi_jock_action Says:

    NOT hot…now i’ve seen it all!

  4. BiBurbGuy Says:

    If the shoe fits……LOL

  5. flamingkisser Says:

    He’s hot the actions are not. Sublimely stupid!

  6. wazr Says:

    I wish i was the shoe !

  7. windy61 Says:

    Maybe it’s his buddy’s runner…then it would be hot. Some nice sweaty friction inside that shoe. Could be a turn on! Happy Holidays!

  8. Captain_Swallow Says:

    He obviously has a shoe fetish. Leave him alone. He’s hot.

  9. MaculineFoothillsMan Says:

    Maybe he’s a Cat Lover, and his Lover P*ssed him off, so he’s doing what his pet does to get even at him 😉

  10. UIUC1978 Says:

    WTF??? His buddies shoe…that would be HOT. Shoe fetish not so much.

  11. mbjk1956 Says:

    WEIRD is more like it

  12. SicilianMikey Says:

    Dude…buy a Flesh Light!

  13. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite Says: