Posted by SGT. COACH on Monday May 28, 2012 Under Porn

10 Responses to “CUM DUMP”

  1. hollistar Says:

    WOW! totally hot! wish I was on either end! or even better, between.

  2. Cocksucker111 Says:

    Nice very nice.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think we should all boycott porn that requires the model to perform such risky sex. F

  4. deafblind46 Says:

    I know that the men are very hot so they could be safe always.

  5. shaggy1982 Says:

    Is this video pre or post Mason Wyler’s HIV+ announcement?

  6. MaculineFoothillsMan Says:

    How about you just Boycott them. One less B*tching & Screaming Fag/Queen on here. PLEASE, email all the other F/Q’s too, so they all leave with you. Then guys that can view it for what it is without the Politically Correct A-holes Preaching at us. :-(

  7. baybubba Says:

    Foothills, it’s unbecoming of YOU to bash bitching & screaming fag/queens! But I gotta applaude the idea of letting “us” view what it is for what it is – entertaining porn. Timely change of direction, Salute!!

    Hot vid – loved it. I just wonder why once guys are doing BB, they pull out for the orgasim. That has never and would never happen in my bed.

  8. Dirtyprettythings Says:

    God how I love bareback porn. RAWR!!!

  9. kellboi Says:

    Nice sgt. I just adore a muscle stud with facial hair and shaved heads. Looks like a great kisser and fucker as well. Yea even fag/queens need some love

  10. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite Says:

    they make me very hard