Celebrate New Years with Pitbull and Squirt.org!

Pitbull NYE 2017, Sponsored by Squirt.org
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This event is taking place in Toronto, Ontario.

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5 comments on “Celebrate New Years with Pitbull and Squirt.org!
  1. 999hardhat says:

    new years eve 2016…….!

  2. flamingkisser says:

    another advertisement that is only relevant for a small portion of the planet.
    this is a world wide site is it not?

  3. alohaman25 says:

    flamingkisser…. Get over it, SQUIRT advertise events from all over the world. Have you never noticed that “Toronto” is where there offices are located, and has one of the largest Gay Pride events in the world. They most boost their income stream by including Ads for events etc. It is capitalism working in the free world …. 🙂

  4. needmen says:

    Who cares…..it’s a fucking advert. I’m here to see cock…..

  5. mikeinfleet says:

    Does my local bus run there????????