Did George Michael Use Squirt.org?

The Sun, a UK publication, recently published an article posing a number of questions about recently deceased George Michael. The piece addressed the singer’s cruising habits, and even suggests that he was a Squirt.org user.

“The Sun has been told George spent hours sifting through gay dating websites, including one called Squirt.org,” explain the authors.

George Michael was no stranger to cruising culture, of course. His 1998 arrest for “engaging in lewd acts” made headlines across the globe. The former Wham! singer had entered a public washroom when a man at another urinal began to engage him with typical cruising actions. In an interview with The Advocate Michael explains the encounter:

“As I was leaving the bathroom, I saw this guy who was basically masturbating in front of me. It was the usual thing, a good-looking guy. I certainly didn’t look at him and think, Oh, that must be a cop. And actually, nothing happened at all other than me returning the favor in kind from about eight feet away. And then he walked straight past me and out, at which point I thought, Oh, he obviously wasn’t impressed, you know? Something was not happening for him.”

It was this encounter that outed George Michael, but he didn’t let this exposure affect him. In fact, he was adamant that he had always been comfortable being gay and with the part of his sexuality that enjoyed casual sexual encounters.

In fact, he released his song and video for “Outside” in response to the charges that faced him. In it he boldly embraced both his identity as a gay man and as a person who enjoys anonymous and public sexual encounters.  The video opens showing the straight equivalent of his police entrapment experience, clearly exposing the discrimination that lead to his arrest. Watch the video below:

George Michael’s arrest was definitely not an isolated incident in police bias against gay and bisexual men. Take for instance the Toronto gay bathhouse raids of the 1980s, known by police officers as “operation soap.” In this instance, police exploited unclear laws against “bawdy houses,” which were intended to discourage prostitution, to raid numerous bathhouses. During the process they caused severe damage to the properties and shouted homophobic slurs.

George Michael helped bring new kinds of discrimination to light and will be forever remembered as a gay icon. His known cruising habits make it unsurprising that he was a Squirt.org user, and we could not be more proud to have had such a brave, proud, and talented human being in our community. George Michael is gone but not forgotten. Rest in Peace our King of Cruising.



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25 comments on “Did George Michael Use Squirt.org?
  1. SicilianMikey says:

    It actually crossed my mind, wondering if he used the site. Hell, for all we know, he viewed our comments here. One reason I backed off on my comments, not knowing who may be viewing what we say. Although, I won’t back down when singled out. But now I tend to be a lot more vague in my comments.

    • spiritman says:

      that’s so funny SICILIANMIKEY !!! so the only reason you no longer make nasty or critical comments is you think that “someone you are critiquing ” might see it/read it ???.. Why the need to make the critical soul-destroying comments in the first place ???.
      what is it about queer culture that makes gay men so quick to cut everything down around them ?. I adore George Michael in so many ways, he gave so much to so many “under the radar “, he gave so much to others that we will never really know

      • SicilianMikey says:

        Understand this sweetie, I wouldn’t waste my piss on you if you were on fire. You missed my point, which, being honest, I figured one of the douche bags such as yourself would get all worked up. As always, I baited you. My point was…and is, considering someone in porn or famous could very well see it, not to mention regular guys, I decided not to be so brash. You could learn from my example. Unlike you, I don’t obsess over what others here say. While you on the other hand seem ok with trying to take everyone to task you disagree with.

        Funny thing, sometimes in a mood where I want to rub one out over a particular model and I need certain images like hair or cum or hole or cock to get my juices flowing. Funny thing, I’ll look at the comments from the past. So many times you have your Kotex in a knot over something that has no real affect on your life. Yet, for reasons clear only to you, you’re pissing and moaning, griping and bitching over something.

        Funny thing I’ve seen, no one worth his spit around here gives 10 fuckswhat you think, feel, or say. And…based on emails I’ve gotten with your name included, you’re the laughing stock here. So, continue your delusion thinking you matter here. You don’t. Enjoy, honey!

    • chicago63 says:

      You really think the person viewing your comments about them is going to find you directly and come after you?

    • strongsvillefun says:

      Oh that’s rich, SicilianMikey, you’re the most judgmental asshole on this board!

  2. alohaman25 says:

    Hi Spiritman….. People who feel it necessary to cut or make negative comments about others in many cases is because of their own basic insecurity about themselves, and low personal self esteem. This is not just with the gay community, but with any person that operates that way. look at politicians today…. they being human also have the same flaws anyone can…… Sad state of affairs …. but true.

  3. bilingabois says:

    Why is this topic even on here ?. SO FUKIN WHAT if He Did or Didn’t use Squirt.Org. Let the Very talented Man RIP.

  4. oicur1also says:


    • SicilianMikey says:

      Oh you called me a monkey. How original, you must be exhausted sweetie! I guess one of our lil Divas here has a second account. How clever of ya doll.

  5. spiritman says:

    I rest my case Sicilianmikey…..so much venom in you !!!! look up the word pernicious…. gays like you miss my point…. it is never about me, it is about standing up for others… nasty words come from somewhere deep n unsettled in oneself.

    • SicilianMikey says:

      Oh, you used one of your $50 words! Good for you!!! Golf clap….I have no venom sweetie. I just don’t subscribe to the bullshit a lot of you bitter ones are full of. And I’ll call ya on it. I couldn’t care less if I never suck another cock again. It doesn’t define me. Sorry doll…I’m an Empath, I was born with the ability to feel the emotions of others. As a result, I prefer to pretty much avoid intimate contact. It’s more emotion than I prefer to handle. Especially with many in our community that don’t know what the fuck they want. For my sanity I avoid these situations.

      My Empathy is exactly why I know where the bitterness comes from. And why I know exactly what to say to piss off or annoy the ones that have made it their purpose in life to weakly attempt to get under my skin. So, newsflash…your little games don’t work on me. My gift, pros and cons. It’s just a matter of how I use the info that comes through.

      Mic drop…..

  6. showitoff says:

    George was great person in more ways than one. A lot of other musicians and celebrities said he was wonderful nice person that liked to help down and out people. After he passed it came out that he donated a lot of time and money to charities and local food banks, soup kitchens etc. The media greedily rubbed their hands together whenever something lurid or racy happened to him so they could spread it across the world. If George was on squirt i bet he stayed away from all the bitter hateful and nasty comments people left for each other,or even when hot pics were posted, bitchy comments would be left about hating tattoo’s or not liking smooth or hairy guys whatever. It seems like guys that leave negative comments are more likely trying to draw attention to them selves even if it was from negativity. RIP you lovely man with a lovely voice!

  7. spiritman says:

    perfectly said Showitoff,, all round……. nice to honour George Michael

  8. russer says:

    R.I. P. George Michael. you were just amazing and always honestly yourself.

  9. Greg720 says:

    I wish he had cruised me when I was in London. Ha! Ha!
    The song is great, the video even better. It was a clever response to a harmless crime.
    Love you George, Rest in Peace.

  10. sammy71 says:

    I sucked his willy in the WC at the Tube Station

    Just kidding!

  11. circumnavigator says:

    dear squirt ….. let him rest how dare you!

  12. NotchoAverageBear says:

    What the hell are you people thinking??? who gives a fuck if he did or didn’t ! His privacy as is mine, unfortunately he’s not able to stick it up your arse .. GET Real ! GEEEEEEEEES

  13. activ says:

    wow… a gay guy used a cruising site (including site address)… their journalistic skills are so high lol

  14. alohaman25 says:

    SicilianMikey…… In reading your long winded diatribe, it is very apparent that you have major issues about who you are and your own sexualaity. Suggest you seek help, and stop spreading your negativity to those around you. Your rudeness and poor language say more about who you are than you can ever imagine…… and it is not pretty! Just thought you might want to know and take the time to look into a mirror as you spit out your venom.

    • SicilianMikey says:

      Yes, I have major issues. Thank you for your unsolicited advice, Dr. Phil. My poor language? Because I use slang? It’s my choice, darlin’. There’s no negativity. I’m intolerant to their bullshit, like 3 or 4 of these Diva Queens have made it their mission in life to be bothered by what I say. I say fuck them and all they stand for!

      I’m not here to hookup, couldn’t give 10 shits about it. I’m here for my own reasons, doll. Are you bothered or uncomfortable I opened up and admitted my gift? Couldn’t care less. I was born both gay and an Empath. It’s who I am.

      Confused about my sexuality…hilarious! I think you might benefit taking your own advice. Oh, and the day I take life lessons and advice from anyone in cyberspace is the day I start breeding pussy!

  15. horny533 says:

    How unfortunate when we come on here for enjoyment we have to be subjected to the ravings and bitchy ugliness of one of the commenters. Hope you get banned from the site SM as you add nothing but negativity. Will make sure I avoid reading your comments while you are still on, but hope it is not for long. Hint, hint Sarge.

  16. alohaman25 says:

    At least you agree you have issues, and no one on this site would want to waste their time and life to even start helping you…. You are your own worst enemy especially on here. It appears you like / need an audience to validate yourself and who you feel you can vet your unhappiness to. Well as you stated, no one really cares about what you say or do …. so why even bother wasting your time. Regarding help… no, we would leave that for a professional, and obviously you are of an older age with a great deal of old luggage to sort out.

    In closing, you state you have a “Gift”? Other than a destructive potty mouth, your writing skills are pathetic even by today’s standards of the English language, and you have shown nothing else in the last two days that could be classified as a gift or insightful. The best gift to all of us would be to get help and chill out.

    May you find personal peace and happiness in some form in 2017

    • SicilianMikey says:

      Look here, Princess…This site nor my sexuality define me. Apparently you, “sir” lack the skills to detect sarcasm. I’m sorry I’m too real for ya, babe. Enemy? Hardly. Unhappiness? Thank you for once again trying to diagnose me. Also, this ain’t fuckin’ English class, let’s be clear about that.

      Oh, you’re so witty telling me I need help. Did ya Google 1001 insults or 1001 Snippy Queen Retorts? I don’t use my gifts here….but I tell ya what, just ’cause I don’t, doesn’t mean I don’t pick up their energy.

      And going forward, worry more about you and less about me, kthanksbye!