RAGING STALLION: Jimmy Durano and X L kneel before each other, their senses heightened and their cocks at attention. The intense mental attraction to each other becomes physical as making out leads to deep cock sucking, with X L performing the impressive feat of swallowing Jimmy’s extra-large uncut meat. As he sucks Jimmy’s cock, X L’s gorgeous ass crack spreads wide, revealing his tight, hairy hole. Jimmy’s an ass man, and X L’s perfect bubble butt is irresistible. Lapping with his tongue, Jimmy slathers his spit on X L’s hole. When X L’s ass is slippery and wet, Jimmy slides in with his girthy anaconda. Bracing himself, X L revels in the high-energy, connected sex. As Jimmy pounds with his considerable strength, glistening sweat reflects the light from their toned, muscled bodies. X L takes Jimmy’s cock sideways, enabling Jimmy to penetrate deeply and hit X L’s sweet spot. At the last second, just before he cums, Jimmy pulls out and unleashes a streaming gusher of cum that drips across X L’s cock, balls, and taint. Stroking himself, X L blows his load on his stomach in a thick, white jet. Jimmy and X L’s final kisses show their passionate state of arousal.

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  1. SicilianMikey says:

    No thanks.

  2. activ says:

    aww man, that black bottom guy is soo fuckable!!!

  3. DAVEWESLEY says:

    not into the beards .. but fit cocks

  4. bimale1954 says:

    I want both of them to do me good!

  5. assman101 says:

    XL is one of my favorite porn stars…I would give anything to suck that big cock and eat that ass and fuck him…DAMN he is SO fucking hot…the other guy is just ok…nice dick though.

  6. airlieguy says:

    oh yeah guys 3 way would be hot

  7. Dirk782nup says:

    Jimmy & XL, both have great bodies, Jimmy’s is the more sculpted of the two, but I think XL is a drop-dead gorgeous hunk of masculinity! XL has a face that couldn’t be more handsome and I especially like the shot with his dick pressed backwards as he’s sucking Jimmy. I’d gladly chomp down on XL’s tool to make it a threesome!

  8. tahs says:

    I would bend and suck for both.😛

  9. grapesgrapes says:

    Too staged, too artificial, buzz kill

  10. daddy69u says:

    Both are super hung hunks. Luv the long black cock and his ass, mmmmmmmmmmm. More .thanks

  11. macman0123 says:

    Both hot men and have beautiful big cocks and lovely arses.
    I want both a 3some for me.
    Loved the pics of the black guy getting fucked a real turn on.
    Sexy hot fucking the way it should be.

  12. blacktshirt says:

    durano is CREEPY