Nominate The Hottest Porn Star #Grabbys

You’re skimming through porn, looking for something to get you off. You click a video. You click a related video. You click another related video. Maybe you skip through it quickly. There’s a cock in his hand, a cock in his mouth. Oh look, now it’s in his ass. You click a related video.

You start skipping ahead again and then you stop suddenly. Your cock throbs. Who is this hot stud? What’s his name? What’s he about to do? You can’t stop watching him. The way his body moves. His muscles. His ass. His cock. You’re mesmerized.

We’ve all been there. Caught by surprise by a porn star we can’t get enough of. The Grabbys celebrate these sizzling studs who make us stop in our tracks and ooze through our jeans. Who make our hearts beat fast, and our cocks cum even faster.

Every year users get to nominate porn stars they think deserve a trophy. Then voting begins. To give you a little inspiration, here are 20 sexy studs we think are hot enough to make the cut. Did we miss anyone? Leave a comment down below to let other guys know who you’ll be rooting for! In no particular order, Here they cum:

1. Logan Moore

Logan Moore was one of our #ManCrushMonday features, and we can’t get enough of him. He likes to get kinky. He does live sex shows. And he is just pretty damn sexy. He spends a lot of time travelling between New York and The Netherlands, but we just want to take a trip between his legs.

Logan Moore

2. Jessie Colter

Jessie Colter is a San Francisco-based star who is inspired by BDSM porn. And why wouldn’t he be? After years of doing more vanilla porn, he was cast into BDSM and fell in love with the pain. What would you want to do to him?

3. Damien Crosse

Damien Crosse has been doing porn since age 24, and we’re glad he kept going. He was discovered at a bar and decided to go into porn to overcome his shyness. Now he’s hardly shy. Just look how he shows off his body:

4. Adam Killian

Adam Killian is a well-known porn star. He also directs, produces, and is also a real estate agent. Talk about versatile!

5. Jimmy Durano

What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but Durano’s dick and body are known worldwide. He won a Grabby in 2013. Can he do it again?

6. Darius Ferdynand

He was an underwear model until he debuted in porn in 2011. To be honest, we’re glad he takes his underwear off now. Why keep such a nice cock and ass to yourself?

7. Jesse Santana

Jesse Santana has pierced nipples, hot tattoos, and a beautiful body. Oh, and did we mention his huge cock?

8. Alexx Desley

Alexx Desley joined the porn industry to change its stereotypes. He was tired of cookie cutter gay porn stars and decided he would spice things up. And spice things up he did. Just look how hot he is:

9. Kris Blent

Kris is a versatile twink with a nice 7.5″ uncut cock. He’s well-known for being eager to please his partners. Does he please you?

10. Conner Habib

Conner Habib isn’t your average porn star. By day, he’s an academic, and by night he’s riding dick. I guess you could say he really puts his head to use.

11. Kris Evans

Kris Evans is no newcomer to porn. But, he has definitely grown a lot in his time at Bel Ami – physically that is! Check out his new bodybuilder physique. Hot and dangerous!

12. Colt Rivers

Colt Rivers is one of the hottest bottoms we can think of. Would you top him?

13. Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter was awarded the Best Newcomer award last year at the Grabbys and was also one of our #ManCrushMonday features. Just take a look through his Twitter account and you’ll understand why.

14. Caleb King

Caleb King is handsome, muscular, fit, and versatile. He has a nice thick cock that we can’t help but drool over. Would you rather top or bottom for him?

15. Letterio Amadeo

Letter Amadeo got into porn because he has a fetish for being filmed. And we are more than thankful for that. He’s muscular. He’s versatile. And his tattoos are gorgeous.

16. Markie More

Markie Moore is a bi stud who prefers to top. With those gorgeous chest muscles and strong arms, Markie keeps us wanting more more more!

17. Woody Fox

Woody Fox is an Australian porn star, and we love his big down under. He’s got great hair, on his head, face, and body.

18. Chris Blades

Chris Blades is a blond hair, blue eyed babe with an incredible body. Just look at those muscular pecks. Who wouldn’t want to rest their hands on them?

19. X L

Do you even need to ask why he goes by “X L”? He could have also gone by “Extra Sexy,” “Extra Handsome,” or “Extra I Want To Give Him an Award.” Do you think he should take home a Grabby?

20. Damon Andros

Damn Andros puts the “D” in Daddy. His hot cock complements his hairy body and his beautiful beard. He just recently reached 10,000 Twitter followers and he’s gaining traction fast! Give him a boost by nominating him for a Grabby.

Well, that’s all we’ve got for you, for now! Remember, you can nominate any porn star you want. It can be from this list or it can be from your spank bank. Did we forget anyone important? Leave a comment down below.

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70 comments on “Nominate The Hottest Porn Star #Grabbys
  1. swimmer743 says:

    Adam Killian, awesome body, cock and ass

  2. Ronon says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t vote for any of them. There are Squirt members that hotter, sexier, manlier than of any these guys.

  3. cangaceiro says:

    Woody Fox!

  4. reivax says:

    No.7 Jesse Santana gets my vote.

  5. dave300 says:

    maybe you can suggest a few more – nobody for me here

  6. TongueToHole says:

    The only ones I have actively searched for porn after seeing them on this site before are Darius and Woody. I agree with what seems to be the consensus that there are better looking gay porn stars out there in general.

  7. fitand53 says:

    Yea, me neither.

  8. baldnbearded69 says:

    I voted for Shawn Wolfe. He’s hot as fuck, but not listed in the above contenders. Griffin Barrows and Mike de Marko are also hot as fuck blokes to me. Just my personal preference.

  9. _Mino says:

    No:3 Damien Crosse
    The smoldering look in that mans eyes,
    The fact he is truly Versatile,
    He can be a real sex pig,
    Yet still has typical Taurean Passion.

  10. Bigbilly1 says:

    Can’t vote for anyone right long foreskin here…my favorite

  11. blacktshirt says:

    durano is repulsive

  12. johneedfuck says:

    Number 19, X.L

  13. daddy69u says:

    I agree with some of the other guys, your daily choices are much hotter and sexier than some of the hunks will vote for stallion XL. He is certainly hung!!!!! Would luv oral and also be his bareback bottom. Mmmmmmmmmmm. I hope he has a big powerful orgasm in my tight ass. Cum please after a prolonged fuck ohhhhhhhhhhh. Perfect stallion

  14. booboo79 says:

    Numbers 6,7,8 and 11 for us! Fuck! I wanna see them cum like fountains from those pretty cocks

  15. arugy says:

    14 is my favorite from list.

  16. aagold76 says:

    none of the above- though my favorite was in one of the pics- Will Braun, I’d also put up Blake Mitchell, Matthew Bousch and Kellan from Corbin Fisher.

  17. kapbtm4u says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm kris evan omg # 11

  18. bthicketg says:

    Kris Blent!!!!!!!!!! all the way!

  19. Hotreceiver says:

    XL #19

  20. westlake_66 says:


  21. citycountryguy says:

    Sort of seems like the Academy Awards 2016…where’s the color? The one black guy at end? With the rich diversity of men on this planet, are mediocre white men the only ones that go into porn? Show me a gorgeous Indian man or a hot guy from yemen and that will make me smile.

  22. ace12359 says:


  23. macman0123 says:

    Probably Colt Rivers.
    All Hot porn stars very nice.

  24. romantico29 says:

    Damien Crosse has always been the best!!!

  25. Rabb_bull says:

    There’s only one bloke that makes my cock n arse twitch and he’s not on your list. ROCCO STEELE is that bloke.

  26. SicilianMikey says:

    I voted on the ballot. I don’t think I saw even one Sean Cody name…unless I missed it. But I voted for Alex Mecum.

  27. jjpp says:

    #9 so horny looking at that

  28. Smiffo99 says:

    How about putting up some hot ones????
    Im not voting for any of these because the result wouldnt be correct.
    Non of them are hot.

  29. Darelypoo says:

    I would love to suck Jessie Santana’s cock

  30. DAVEWESLEY says:

    9 Kris bent .. but like most guys who have posted .. not many did it for me seen fitter in some of the posts .apart from Kris there wasn’t one smooth hung twink in the collection

  31. paul54 says:

    Wow. Number 9!. Would i like to fuck you. Mmmmmm. My cock is so hard.

  32. Getitinyah74 says:

    I prefer the older silverfox daddy type. Like the ones I meet through your site!!! Yummo!!!

  33. musclejosh says:

    Most of these are enough to turn a gay man straight!

  34. Sweatsnifer says:

    What? How could you forget the incredible Stephen Harte?

  35. isandnyer says:

    colt rivers

  36. Daros1 says:

    Adam Killian, very hot

  37. lever says:

    adam please

  38. heatseeker47 says:

    Possibly Killian, but none of these gives me a hardon, need some really masculine guys.

  39. mkmguy says:

    Number 7 -Jesse Santana is the hottest

  40. bimale1954 says:

    #19 XL for me, would love to try that cock out

  41. bruce103159 says:

    I would love to suck and ride XL anytime and all the time.

  42. furryguy2 says:

    This is like watching Dancing With The Stars…..minor B String celebrities. Totally boring selection. I nailed a local guy on the weekend that puts all of these to shame.

  43. Studmuffin07 says:

    Kris Evans beautiful hot body. I’d love to be wrapped in his arms.

  44. ineken says:

    Jack, Conner and Logan are my favorites for sure. A foursome with them would be heavenly :))

  45. chillgguy says:

    I’d like to nominate Jack Hunter (#13 on your list)

  46. Maluk1 says:

    Number 19, XL, for all the obvious reasons! Beautiful in every way!

  47. condy says:

    I say XL has got it.

  48. Youngtop96 says:

    X L all the way

  49. LVZ2PLA says:

    Colt would be my choice for a nice ride!

  50. bubblebuttblond says:

    Jesse Santana can own me all night long.

  51. sexyjboy1992 says:

    Adam Killian – Big cock, Hot ass, sexy body and lovely smile.
    He’s hot and passionate in bed but gets dominate and rough when needed and when he cums its super hot x x x

  52. keppercaq1 says:

    My favourites are #1 Johan Paulik (beautiful all over). #2 Brent Corrigan (perfect cock & ass)

  53. Springs7man says:

    Definitely #6, Darius Ferdynard. His massageable chest, lickable ass and suckable dick are amazing. He’s handsome and very well proportioned. Yep, you go, Darius.

  54. waterdraer says:

    Darius Ferdynand. Clean, beatifull, no extra bullshit tats and metal.

  55. swifty1951 says:


  56. Loverboy31 says:


  57. trunzo says:

    I voted for Diego Sans, but would gladly settle for a tie between him and Woody Fox.

  58. stevied123 says:


  59. fafafara says:


  60. nicenhorny says:

    Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that :S Many of these guys don’t do it for me at all – a few I find a complete turn off. However I think Darius Ferdynand and Jesse Santana are hot 😉 Hadn’t heard of Kris Blent before, but he’s a sexy f***er and I’d happily have him ride my face and cock and Jack Hunter’s a handsome guy too 😉 There are other sexy (imho) porn stars not shown too… Tayte Hanson is gorgeous, Tate Ryder is sex on legs ;P JP Dubois is a hottie (but needs to lose the beard – it just doesn’t work for him)…. there are many others besides, though it’s unlikely there’ll ever be universal agreement among us all on here XD If his top pic is anything to go by it looks like Kris Evans has overdone the bodybuilding which is a shame – he was lush before.

  61. mdana says:

    Chris Blades

  62. jim1896 says:

    Not saying any of them would want to be with me but none of them appear to be my type on picture.

    • jim1896 says:

      Assuming we are talking porn… I would probably watch something else because the video quality is too reality tv / hand held bouncy camera etc.

  63. Sw17 says:

    I don’t recognise many of these porn actors because the vast majority of them appear in condom porn which i don’t find at all horny! Also, what’s up with Woody Fox?

  64. clumpster says:

    No 11, Kris Evans. Gorgeous, and uncut.