WILLIAM HIGGINS: Paris Marriott is aged 20 and lives in Milovice. He is a student who enjoys sports, ice-hockey and football. What a handsome guy he is too and, as we see when he removes his tee shirt, he has a very nice body too. Having shown that hot chest Paris turns, lowering his jeans, to reveal his sexy ass too. Then it is off with the jeans and Paris turns again, posing in his boxers. His soft cock pokes out of the fly, the head partially shrouded by his foreskin. Paris kneels on the sofa, boxers down, to give a great view of his hot ass. Then he sits on the sofa and pulls the boxers aside to expose his cock and balls. Pushing the boxers down and lifting his legs he next gives an awesome view of that sexy ass. The cheeks are spread to really expose his tight hole. Paris pulls on the cheeks to stretch the hole, then pushes his hard cock up, so we can check it out as well. He stands up to pose with the beautiful cock rock hard, before laying on the sofa for some very sexy poses. He ends a lovely shoot with more of that hot cock.

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  1. macman0123 says:

    OMG Fucking Hot man.
    YES YES YES in all ways.
    Beautiful cock,Hot hairy arse and very handsome young man.
    Fuck me Paris deep and hard dude.

  2. biman96 says:

    Fucking. Hot man

  3. usechris says:


  4. usechris says:

    Ive actually stayed at the Paris Marriott, and, trust me, it was not built like this.

  5. gayplaygay says:

    Very nice a complete package.

  6. DAVEWESLEY says:

    very fit lad defo wish i was in his bed .. no sleeping going on 😉

  7. hungjackhank says:

    I want to go in the back door of the Paris Marriot

  8. bimale1954 says:

    HOT very HOT indeed.

  9. dutch1959 says:

    This dude is one fantastic man. I would give him a tongue bath and then suck and fuck him until he came all over me.
    C’mon guy. Let’s get it on. Dutch

  10. SicilianMikey says:

    Not bad, not really my type. I prefer men with a few more years on them…just a preference.

  11. Meissen says:

    As we can see from his ass hole he has already been used if not misused and overused. However there are guys who like this situation finding the road well prepared.

    • needmen says:

      WOW……what an interesting thing for a person with your profile to say…..JUST WOW……

  12. needmen says:

    Cute kid