JOIN THE Joy Ride W/ Blake Mitchell & Noah White @ Helix Studios…

HELIX STUDIOS: It has to be every bottom’s fantasy to go on a date with big dicked Blake Mitchell! On this sunny San Diego day, pretty boy Noah White gets the honor and we get to tag along as the boys take a joy ride. Blake puts his arm around the twink and pulls him close as he plants a perfect kiss on his date. A wild wrestling match turns into a make out session which leads to some sizzling sex! It’s the end of the day and naturally Noah is hungry for Blake’s huge hog. Watching pretty boy deep throat all that dong is incredible, he eats every inch. Ever the gentleman, Mitchell mouths White’s wang before moving onto his hot hole. He easily tosses his boys legs over his head and tosses salad like a mad man as Noah reaches down to tug his top’s titanic cock. The boys have been waiting for this all day, when Blake finally gets inside Noah lets out a sigh of relief, throws his head back and accepts all amazing inches deep within. Mitchell masterfully works up some speed to a fever pitch, then he switches it up and takes it long and slow.

The boy knows how to work an ass. Noah gets on all fours and Mitchell mounts him like a lion. We see both boy’s beautiful butts in our face and Noah handles himself. With White’s face buried in the bed, we hear his muffled screams begging for more fuck. The kids almost ready to cum so Blake slows it down for a minute to make the nasty magic last long. Lucky US! The two kiss and Noah climbs on top; we get a good view of Blake’s big boner sliding in and out as White whacks his own. There’s definitely boyfriend chemistry here as the boys move through several positions, making out like high school sweet hearts along the way. After a full day date the boys have been saving up their seed and when the flood gates finally open it’s a crescendo of cum! Noah’s cock gets even harder as he cums; spurts of spunk rocket out of his dick and wet the sheets below. Blake pulls out and blasts all over his boyfriend’s balls and thighs which are still open in ecstasy! This is definitely a date where we did NOT mind being the third wheel!

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19 comments on “JOIN THE Joy Ride W/ Blake Mitchell & Noah White @ Helix Studios…
  1. Jerry11 says:

    Oh so young — oh so beautiful!

  2. bimale1954 says:

    I want both those dicks up my ass especially Mitchell’s.

    Nice peckers on both those young studs.

  3. biman96 says:

    Fucking hot both for me

  4. joeynmtgy8 says:

    Maybe in another set, but Noah doesn’t really fit under the category of what I think of as “pretty boy” (Blake certainly does). I checked the Helix website and Noah’s profile pic there DOES show him more as a “pretty boy” (of course, on that pic, he’s a brunet rather than bleach-blond which may have something to do with it; the peroxide look doesn’t work for everyone).
    Now, I certainly wouldn’t say no to either of them though I would go after Blake first–I just think he’s the cuter of the pair.

  5. hryhnl says:

    Though I love the big uncut dick on the top, kiddie porn doesn’t do it for me – give me some hunky, hairy masc guys!

  6. DAVEWESLEY says:

    noo lets stick with more of the same had me fill of beards and big furry chests .. this is more horny watching that big cock sliding up that arse is wayy so horny .. defo be taking a second look at this post morrrrre of the same please

  7. stick19 says:

    What a pair of hotties, they could do anything to me they want. Would love to suck both of them off.

  8. SicilianMikey says:

    Both are quite good looking young men. For me, the edge goes to Blake.

  9. cjk says:

    het is heel geil om jullie zo lekker bezig zijn mmmmmmmxxxxxxxx

  10. needmen says:

    Blake is the one……take me use me teach me

  11. pmaul says:

    I hope they’re legal! LOL!
    Nice to see boys having a good time. I, for one, would rather have a hairy, beefy, 50+ man

  12. blacktshirt says:

    stupid boy needs to get rid of his ugly spectacles

  13. big4slim says:

    Both are cute as a button

  14. JObuddyIA says:

    Oh, to be 21 again. Very hot.

  15. westlake_66 says:

    Perfect Love them to SPIT ROAST ME

  16. citycountryguy says:

    OK, these nerds are hot. I wish I was 28 again. i love the fact that they have limited ink. Clean young flesh is beautiful.

  17. macman0123 says:

    Both hot men,I want both.
    Loved the fucking action made my cock hard.

  18. daddy69u says:

    Hot hung young guys. Luv the thick long cock on blake. Mmmmm would luv a fuck session with both

  19. davide1998 says:

    Damn, I’d love to be the cameraman for this shoot!