Hooker Cam W/ Clay FUCKING Patrick Gentry @ Raunchy Bastards

RAUNCHY BASTARDS: Patrick and I chatted briefly before he decided to come over and lose his virginity. I think by the time we actually talked about it, he knew that it was inevitable, so he was fairly gung-ho sounding. That, but also in addition he always like to come across as self-confident and assured of himself. When he actually showed up for the dirty deed, though, he couldn’t hide his nerves. I sensed it, and tried to make him feel more relaxed. I got him a glass of water, we chatted, and only then did I start messing with his cock first (usually with these guys I just pull mine out and have them go down on me). He has a nice dick, it’s a big one.

He didn’t get hard right away, but I think that was definitely his state of mind, because shortly after getting sucked for a few seconds he was sporting a raging boner. He gets down on his knees in front of me next, and proceeds to suck me off. The whole thing seemed a bit awkward, and I wouldn’t say it was the best BJ i’ve had in terms of the way it felt. However, it was hot in the sense that he was going through a role reversal – with him being the one used to having his cock sucked. When I told him to go into the bedroom, he complied easily and that’s when I lubed up his virgin ass and stuck it in. His butt felt good, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The thing that surprised me, though, is that he didn’t lose his hard-on. A lot of these str8 virgins are completely limp while I am stealing their v-card, but not Patrick. He not only jerks himself while I ravage his cunt, but he nuts while I am fucking him rather hard! That was one fucking afternoon bonus! Since I liked him, and I didn’t want to be a dick, I stopped fucking him shortly after he came. I did want to make one final imposition on Patrick, though. I told him to make out with me while I got myself off. He turns out to be a great kissed, and I came ALOT. Another trailer park boy falls prey; I am really glad I called him over.

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14 comments on “Hooker Cam W/ Clay FUCKING Patrick Gentry @ Raunchy Bastards
  1. albsexy says:

    MMM nice he had a satisfied grin on his face ,(must have liked it lol) lucky you . More please XXX

  2. SicilianMikey says:

    I’m just gunna wait for the next post.

  3. gayplaygay says:

    Hot curious virgins always make for an interesting fuck.

  4. DAVEWESLEY says:

    the hooker looks fit .. like to have had a few close ups of him

  5. bimale1954 says:


    Next please.

  6. needmen says:


  7. macman0123 says:

    Very nice enjoyed this set.
    I want both a 3some please.
    Have just had cock in my mouth it was awesome.
    Hot sucking,rimming and fucking….. nice.

  8. FitFella4Fun says:

    If you want more pics of the “hooker” just google his name – Patrick Gentry. Plenty on the net.

  9. Jerry11 says:

    Sorry, just a waste this set, if you want to call it.Boring!

  10. airlieguy says:

    yeah good father son combo

  11. asteroida6 says:

    mmmmmmm it was similar like with my daddy. On my first time I was riding my daddy – it was short time and had cum hands free. I couldn’t do more ride or fuck I was screaming from orgasm mmmmmm

  12. onefouru says:

    I so nothing of interest pics were not up tp standard

  13. pmaul says:

    Hot dad/son sex.

  14. biman96 says: