FUCK YEAH! Liam Knox & Dirk Caber @ Titan Men

TITAN MEN: On his run, beefcake Liam Knox jogs by a familiar stranger: Dirk Caber, home from his workout. Dirk motions Liam to follow him to the back of the house. Their foreheads meet, hands roaming each other. Dirk grips the growing bulge in Liam’s shorts and releases it, rubbing his stubbly face on it. He sucks Liam to the root, smiling up at him. Liam fucks his face, shouting “Gimmie that fucking tongue!” as Dirk licks his sac. Dirk goes up for a kiss, licking Liam’s pit (“Get in there! Taste that sweat!”). Dirk’s throbber pops out in Liam’s face, the sucker flexing as Dirk marvels “Look at the size of those arms!” In the bedroom, Dirk munches on Liam’s jock ass. Liam’s cock pulses as Dirk slides inside, the top feeding his thumb to the hungry bottom. Liam plows Dirk from behind, his bubble butt rippling. Dirk gets on his back and grunts as he gets rammed, their hands clasped. Dirk’s boner shakes as he gets i! t hard, his cock soon covered in cum.

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16 comments on “FUCK YEAH! Liam Knox & Dirk Caber @ Titan Men
  1. Jerry11 says:

    Liam is HOT! Both are, really; however, I am confused (like what is new? lol), at the beginning it looks like BB but later on a condom is used. Just don’t understand. Glad neither has any tats and one can just appreciate their beautiful bods without any distractions.

  2. mattran5 says:

    This was WAY HOT.

  3. SicilianMikey says:

    The last several sets have been, at least for me, quite rough. This on the other hand makes up for the other stuff. HOT!!!

  4. pussycatlover says:

    Two extremely hot men. Would love to be in the middle of these two.

  5. greg405 says:

    Now this is what men loving men is supposed to look like. Not an ounce of lust, just pleasuring the other with everything he’s got. Bring on more picture stories like this.

  6. irakeven says:

    very sexy guys

  7. jimmybananas says:

    mmmm … love flip-fucking with hot guys

  8. scot_bottom says:

    Both gorgeous hairy hunks! WOOF!

  9. rickck says:

    absolutely “beefcakes” or beefy hairy muscular men.. Hot!! Thanks for the surprise SGT COACH!

  10. suckock says:

    wish i was the third

  11. biman96 says:


  12. m61artin says:

    Love these thick manly guys.

  13. grapesgrapes says:

    Maybe its just me, but it all looks so staged and not natural. I ‘get’ that is intentional, but it just seems too artificial for my liking

  14. tuxcon says:

    Well Liam Knox is certainly a find; what an incredibly beautiful butch looking man. Mouth watering stuff! And the evergreen Dirk Caber; have to say evergreen, you can’t have an ‘overexposed’ porn star, can you? Certainly wouldn’t say no if he came knocking though. Great to see beautiful men with hair and no ugly tats.

  15. macman0123 says:

    Both Hot and I want both.
    Great fucking and cum shots.
    Loved these 2 gents.

  16. bigpa says:

    Woof… I had to save this one to look at again. And again.