WILLIAM HIGGINS: Henrik Larson is a very handsome straight guy. He is a student aged 19 who enjoys traveling fitness and ice-hockey. He looks great in this shoot, with his naturally blond hair and lovely blues eyes. As he lifts his tee shirt Henrik reveals his awesome abs, making us want to see so much more. As the tee shirt goes higher and over his head Henrik’s beautiful chest is on full view. He flexes his biceps too, flashing us a big smile as he does so. Turning around he lowers his shorts to show off his sexy ass. Then the shorts come off and Henrik does some great muscle posing for us. He turns to face the camera again, this time with his thick, soft, cock on show. He gets that cock nice and hard as he continues to give us some very good poses. That beautiful cock pokes out in front of him as he stands with his hand on his ass. Then Henrik gives us more poses with his cock nice and hard. He lays on the bed and lifts his legs in the air to show off his ass, and the cheeks are spread to expose his tight hole too. He closes his legs as we look at that hole, trapping his cock and balls between his thighs. Then he turns over and onto his knees to give a different view of that sexy ass. He gives us so great shots as he sits up, cock between his legs. Then he lays back and looks into the camera as he holds his stiff dick. After laying on his front to show the shape of that sexy ass Henrik sits on the bedhead for a final few shots of his hot body and stiff dick.

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  1. mbjk1956 says:

    My kind of man for sure. I want him.

  2. assman101 says:

    Def not my type…unless that white ass is getting fucked with a HUGE black dick!

  3. macman0123 says:

    Good looking man,nice body,cock and arse.

  4. tahs says:

    My kind of guy ,kind of cock and balls that turn me on.

  5. bimale1954 says:

    Nice body and equipment, just a bit to white for me…he needs to get a tan

  6. cutcock1961 says:

    pass, a few close up of his cock and his arse would have been nice.

  7. joshuwa says:

    Wish he would not have totally shaved and showed off some of his hot ginger pubes!!

  8. usechris says:

    What a body

  9. pmaul says:

    Good-looking guy but not for me. “m looking for older, beefier and hairier.

  10. DAVEWESLEY says:

    very nice .. at last someone who has found his razer blade.. more of the same please

  11. sicilianmikey says:

    Gotta pass.

  12. Squirtstick says:

    Why do people still use the word “arse?” Such a stupid word.

    • joeynmtgy8 says:

      Uh, because that’s the word they use where they’re from?

      “Arse” is still primarily used in Britain, Australia and New Zealand, and, from what I can tell from their profiles, the guys who “still use” that word tend to be from those countries. (As far as I can tell, the word “ass” in Britain, Australia and New Zealand tends to be used mainly as a synonym for “donkey” or “mule” but NOT for “butt.”)

      Sort of like eggplant vs aubergine.

  13. biman96 says:

    Hot man

  14. dudewithskeletons says:

    too white??? wtf??

  15. loveman50 says:

    Hot all around good in all parts of his looks, appearance, and body.

  16. peterandjim says:

    An ARSE is what both sexes shit out of And what we gay guys shove our cocks in An Ass is a donkey Americans could never spell properly

  17. blacktshirt says:

    very attractive fellow … would be far sexier if he had not removed his gingery hair from his pubes and pits … liked the bright pink cock helmet at the end of his white cock … must be super sensitive, super responsive … hmmm

  18. daddy69u says:

    So so. Hum. Wish he had a nice tan. It would turn his skimpy body hair golden. 2ould try and make him at least bi. He would then be hot.