SEAN CODY: Lawrence is that sexy jock who plays football shirtless at the beach showing off his fit body for everybody to see. To top it all off, he also has a sweet, easy going side that leaves you weak in the knees…pretty much the whole package!

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  1. sexkix says:

    Whatever keep on doing the gay shit you do squirt

  2. sicilianmikey says:

    How’d we go from Lawrence to the others? I’ll take him.

  3. joeynmtgy8 says:

    Huh? I’m confused. The first 7 pictures all seem to show the same (really cute) guy with no tats and a thick headful of hair. AND, they’re all labeled as Sean Cody pics. Then, all of a sudden, we get 2 pics of some tatted guys and 1 pic of some older guy with green socks.

    Did someone get some St Patrick’s Day pics mixed up in the set? (The first two tatted guys both have shamrock tats and the green socks pretty much scream St Paddy’s Day.)

  4. usechris says:

    Lawrence any time any where. Agreed — what happened? Joey, did you notice that the tats on the two gingers are completely different even tho they seem to be the same guy?

    • joeynmtgy8 says:

      No. I’m pretty sure the two tatted guys are different guys. The first guy has far more chest hair and is less defined than the second guy.

  5. pgtonedandtall says:

    The first 7 pics which are all of Lawrence are top notch. Nice to see a fit young sexy guy with such a good head of hair, engaging smile and no tats. The last 3 pics are a real let down. Send us many more pics of Lawrence. Instead of first 7 next time give him all ten.

  6. macman0123 says:

    Lawrence is very good looking he has it all,Beautiful body,cock and sweet arse.
    I want him to fuck me good.
    The other guy is also hot and has tasty cock and arse,I want him too.

  7. aagold76 says:

    great pits, but like all Sean Cody models- where’s the pubic hair? Jeez- stop shaving them within a centimeter of their lives!

  8. spiritman says:

    c’mon poor confused readers !!! didn’t daddy tell you that not all tats are real ?? that’s right kiddies, some are just transfers for a fashion shoot or a day out !!!, so have a good look at the redhead and take note… he has different tatts for different shoots… now we can all relax knowing that not all tatts are real,, so we can stop whining about too many tatts

    • joeynmtgy8 says:

      Sorry. I don’t believe “the” redhead is just one guy. As I noted in response to usechris, the first model has a less defined body and has more body hair. Also, the first guy looks to be cut (with a soft cock) while the second one looks to be uncut (with a hard cock).

      And if you’re going to have fake tats for different occasions, why keep the same hairstyle?

  9. DAVEWESLEY says:

    i just wish this beard thing would die out .. not everyone is into em !!!

  10. bimale1954 says:

    Lawrence is a cutie with a nice piece…would love a round with him or two!

  11. tahs says:

    Lawrence what a cock.😛

  12. pmaul says:

    Who can resist Lawrence’s face and bod?

  13. gayplaygay says:

    Nice fat meaty cock on the second guy.

  14. biman96 says:

    Hot men