COLBY’S CREW: Jaxton Wheeler and Colby Jansen appear to have a thing going. The dark-haired and bearded Jaxton calls his buddy and tells him that the wife and kid are out. He invites a receptive Colby over, indicating that he’d leave the door open…

Home alone, Jaxton patiently, yet very horny, waits for Colby’s arrival. As his guest enters the room, few words are needed to explain where this is going. They kiss and huddle on the bed, then start to strip. Jaxton’s stiff cock springs out of his cargo pants and Colby reaches down and sucks his hairy and muscled jock buddy. Colby does a bang-up job of getting a horny Jaxton even more wound up. Sucking and jacking his buddy’s tool, Colby does as he’s told. They moan, they growl, then Jaxton returns the favor sucking his bud’s rock hard prick.

This cheating stepdad can sure suck a mean cock, but his own man meat is itching for a tight hole to ram. Jaxton goes from sucking to rimming Colby’s starved butt hole in seconds. Once he’s lubed it up into a shiny target, the six-foot plus stud gets up off the bed as Colby positions himself on all fours at the edge. Jaxton slowly pokes his way in, but progressively pounds his buddy’s hole harder and harder.

This hunky man’s man presses all of Colby’s sex-starved buttons. From short deep blasts to long rhythmic thrusts, he knows how to drive Colby deeper into his horned-up trance. Jaxton then lies on the bed and Colby moves up to ride him like a cowboy riding his horse his body straddling his partner in a reverse position. Jaxton’s cock is indeed quite a piece of fat horse meat. Colby keeps riding until his fuck buddy stands and moves again to the edge of the bed, ramming a lying Colby deeper and deeper.

Colby is being ridden hard, which pushes him beyond the breaking point. He jacks off and unleashes a load of cum that lands on his hairy stomach and forearm. This pushes the other hairy stud, Jaxton, to pellet his own baby batter… As the air calms, from a distance, from beyond the bedroom window, this whole scene is being played out on film, shot by a young smiling spectator. Obviously, this story is not over yet!

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16 comments on “BULKY STUDS Jaxton Wheeler & Colby Jansen ARE SUPER HOT TOGETHER…
  1. biman96 says:

    Hot men

  2. Berksforfun says:

    Woof woof, Two Real men, Great photos, just the right amount of hair…

  3. fitfella4fun says:

    Colby’s not for me but Jaxton sure as hell is. What a handsome fit stud he is.

  4. pmaul says:

    Finally! Hairy, beefy men!

  5. gayplaygay says:

    Jaxton is super hot and sexy.

  6. Deltamen says:

    Jaxton is one fantastic male specimen. Love his sultry look in picture 7.

  7. pussycatlover says:

    Two very hot men and finally there is something to look at on this site. Jaxton’s eyes….phwoar….how sexy….especially the photo of him sucking Colby’s cock whilst looking straight at the camera!!!!!

  8. greggy says:

    very hot 🙂

  9. sicilianmikey says:

    Fuck me! Ever since Jaxton cut his hair, he’s a dream!!!

    • johnnie10 says:

      I was never much of a fan of his but now with the shorter hair it makes him look so much better. even hot so I would even let him fuck me now. LOL. in my dreams I guess since it wont ever really happen.

  10. airlieguy says:

    sorry too hairy for me

  11. macman0123 says:

    Both very Hot,top guy has lovely eyes.
    Beautiful hard cocks and tasty arses.good looking men.
    Hot fucking,lovely close ups.I want them both.

  12. mattran5 says:

    I love me my Colby!!! What I would do to be the one sliding my dick up his ass. Grabbing those big beefy thighs and tugging on his cock. What a stud.

  13. biboylooking2 says:

    Colby is hot, Jaxton not so much

  14. daddy69u says:

    Jaxon is a hot hot very good looking fucker. Thanks for the cum shot !!!!!!! Both are hot but give me jaxton.

  15. scot_bottom says:

    Two horny hairy hunks, woof! Yes please! More 🙂