SEAN CODY: Mario is a chill guy, but likes to have fun and show off his fit body…and most importantly, his big, uncut dick. No shame for this guy.

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21 comments on “MODEL OF THE DAY: MARIO @ SEAN CODY…
  1. petereater05 says:

    Want to put my tongue under that foreskin

  2. rob_ny says:

    Would love to see UNCUT guys completely soft…& then ERECT!
    Much hotter!!

  3. macman0123 says:

    Great body,beautiful cock and tasty arse.
    Good looking gent,I want him.

  4. greggy says:

    wow holy shit yes please!!

  5. sicilianmikey says:

    No thanks.

  6. 7777fafner says:

    Awesome EVERYTHING!!!

  7. big4slim says:

    Great looking guy, and smiling too which makes him even more attractive.

  8. pmaul says:

    Love those dark dicks.

  9. pussycatlover says:

    Very handsome gentleman with a delicious looking cock. I would love to play with that cock all day.

  10. tim106b says:

    One hot handsome fucker hair in all the right places and uncut mmmmm

  11. airlieguy says:

    no sorry seen better

  12. o2cool says:

    Beautiful and sexy!!!!!

  13. tahs says:

    Love ❤️ that uncut cock😛

  14. catcher234 says:

    Wicked nice cock! Really wish I could suck it!

  15. trunzo says:

    One sexy dude — love those hairy calves, and that smile — and everything else!

  16. stick19 says:

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful from top to bottom and everywhere in between.

  17. biman96 says:

    Hot man

  18. clumpster says:

    Lovely – and uncut too.

  19. bike69 says:

    Love his dark skin Latin body his all jock body and like many adore his uncut cock.

  20. usechris says:

    Gorgeous. I can’t believe anyone is criticizing this man. BTW, love the dimples in his ass.

  21. markptbo says:

    wow, nice, good looking and nice hairy legs