TITAN MEN: Agent Matthew Bosch hits the jackpot on an audit visit of Jason Vario, who claims his home office as a deduction. “Most home offices don’t have a bed,” observes Matthew. “C’mon, man,” responds Jason, who soon grabs his own bulge. “Don’t bust my balls.” The agent smiles: “I’m sure we can work something out.” They kiss, Matthew licking down Jason’s massive chest before moaning “Fuck!” as his big uncut cock pops out. He gulps it up with gusto, Jason pulling him up for a kiss. Jason moans “Oh my God!” as he strokes and looks down at Matthew’s beast, soon on his knees. He deep throats the huge meat with impressive ease—his nose slamming Matthew’s pubes, his chin tickling Matthew’s big balls. They eat each other out, Jason then ramming the moaning bottom doggie style. They lay on their sides, Jason’s sultry eyes looking at the bottom as he fucks him, Matthew’s dick and sac shaking. On his back, Matthew’s boner gets stroked as Jason pounds him, the top spitting down on his own dick before they both shoot.

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  1. wellbuilt says:

    Wow, two nice looking men with great dicks. I would love to be with either one of them, or better yet, both of them. They could ravage me any way they want!

  2. TongueToHole says:

    Matthew! He can audit me any time.

  3. biman96 says:

    Fucking hot take both and have a threesome

  4. macman0123 says:

    Both very sexy.
    Beautiful hard cocks.lovely arses,good bodies and Hot fucking.
    Bottom has the edge though.
    I want both.

  5. usechris says:

    Yeah, what do u need to do to get audited.

  6. greggy says:

    two fit hot guys

  7. greg405 says:

    What excruciatingly handsome men. Imagine the babies they’d make if they could.

  8. sicilianmikey says:

    Matthew is damn cute!

  9. needmen says:

    BEAUTIFUL MEN!!!! Take me guys I am all yours…..do what you want!!!!!!!!!

  10. dannyo44 says:

    both fuck me

  11. tahs says:

    Two super hot guys, would love a big deposit from both.😋

  12. pmaul says:

    Those are some pieces of meat!

  13. huskyharry says:

    Matthew has the body of a real man and what men use to look like – no ink, not shaved. Who needs ink when you’ve got natural body hair – the true sign of a man.

  14. Cantaz says:

    I want both – I’m in – make me do as they both need. Wooooooof

  15. daddy69u says:

    Both are so fucking hung hunks. Hairy and horny!!!!! Let’s start by snuggling naked and finish with a massive sperm eruption.

  16. Rob_NY says:

    Would love to see some FLIP ACTION w/these two.

  17. skyking95 says:

    Nice, Nice, Nice and HOT, HOT both!!

  18. bike69 says:

    The pleasures of gay interracial gay sex.

  19. clumpster says:

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  20. albsexy says:

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  21. albsexy says:

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  22. _Clay says:

    Got to go with the general feeling here, would love to be part of a threesome with these two scorching hot sexy men!!!