RAGING STALLION: Like Narcissus, Ian Greene observes his reflection in the waters of the fountain’s pool. He’s so enthralled by the reflection in the water, he hardly notices that tall, hairy Bulrog has entered the chamber. Suddenly, Bulrog grabs Ian from behind, breaking the spell, and they begin to kiss with passion and vigor. Ian’s hands reach into Bulrog’s loincloth and pull out his thick, pierced, uncut cock. Bulrog wets his finger and rubs it on Ian’s hole, stretching the butt cheeks apart and lubing the tight, pink entry. As they kiss, Ian strokes Bulrog’s cock with reverence and awe. Ian then bends over, and Bulrog dives in with his tongue. His skillful rimming sends Ian into uncontrollable moans of pleasure. Spreading Ian’s ass wide, Bulrog delivers wet gobs of spit that slowly roll down inside Ian’s hole.

To show his appreciation, Ian gets down on his knees and inhales Bulrog’s meaty cock, piercing and all. Showering Bulrog’s cock with his spit, Ian uses his thick lips to rub up and down the girthy shaft. Precum leaks from Ian’s cock as he uses his free hand to stroke himself, and Ian soon explodes with a massive load that shoots all over the floor, never releasing Bulrog’s cock from his mouth. Bulrog blows his wad right after, his hairy chest heaving as his semen seeps out from his pierced dick and dribbles into Ian’s open mouth. As Bulrog strips out every last drop of cum, Ian laps it up with his tongue and lets it flow down across his chin. Standing up, Ian and Bulrog snowball the cum back and forth, tasting the white, creamy drops on their lips.

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  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Pretty damn hot.

  2. bigpa says:

    The Greco-Roman baths theme is wearing a bit thin, but both are hot. Bulrog with the hairy chest and armpits and PA is my first choice.

  3. albsexy says:

    MMM Both nice XXX

  4. biman96 says:


  5. biman96 says:

    Hot men

  6. pussycatlover says:

    Two great looking men, but Bulrog just has the edge for me.

  7. scot_bottom says:

    Bulrog! Never had pierced cock before but would love to take that bear. Woof!

  8. bike69 says:

    Hate one has make a choice when both are two hot sexy men.

  9. macman0123 says:

    Fucking HOT both Ian Greene and Bulrog.
    Beautiful hard cocks and Ian’s arse is fucking tasty,loved this set.
    I want both men it’s YES,YES,YES all the way.
    Give this a 12 out of 10 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  10. gayplaygay says:

    Two very sext guys.

  11. bimale1954 says:

    I want both of these hot men

  12. FitFella4Fun says:

    For me its such a shame that Bulrog ruined his lovely uncut cock with that PA.

  13. pmaul says:

    They had me until the pierced cockhead: EWW!!!

  14. p_o_l says:

    THey are both HOT as fuck – but could not resist a man like Bulrog x

  15. TongueToHole says:

    Bulrog, but I concur that the PA is a bit of a turn-off

  16. charliewal999 says:

    Love to have Bulrog plough me, PA and all. Better still if ian feeds me at the same time. Mmmm

  17. needmen says:

    Both are hot A/F! But that mutilated dick is a bit of a turn off…..