BEL AMI: Here is your first look at Enrique Vera. We’re sure you will like him a lot! This photoset is stunning and it represents the most amazing transformation from his earlier appearance at BelAmi, as anyone who has seen his casting solo will surely agree.

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  1. bbvillageguy says:

    Only in my dreams I’m afraid. Enrique you are beautiful.

  2. airlieguy says:

    yeah suppose 7 out of 10

  3. dutch1959 says:

    Now this is one gorgeous hunk of male flesh. I would suck him, rim him, bend over for him, and anything else he would want. He has to be one of the best models Squirt has ever shown. Dutch

  4. clumpster says:

    Stunning guy. Close to my ideal of perfection.

  5. bike69 says:

    BelAmi can always give hard on with there stable of uncut cocks.

  6. retprin says:

    absolutely among the most gorgeous men ever. stunning and seductive. awesome

  7. usechris says:

    Nice to see that there is a consensus, and I agree with the comments — absolutely gorgeous.

  8. pmaul says:

    Good-looking young guy. Nice to look at but rather have a mature hairy guy. Great cock close-up.

  9. jdham says:

    Love to lay with him and suck that beautiful cock

  10. gayplaygay says:

    Definitely a cutie but need a few more years on him.

  11. sicilianmikey says:

    Is he good looking? Yeah. Is he gunna age well? Most likely. Is he a typical model of Bel Ami? Yep. Don’t get me wrong, not hating, it’s just the studio washes, rinses, repeats, has for years. If you’re a fan of the twinkiest

  12. activ says:

    LOVE the 3 shots of that gorgeous little butt

  13. TongueToHole says:

    Has a nice lickable hole.

    Just in response to sicilianmikey, yeah he is typical of Bel Ami, but most studios have a “look” which keeps their customers coming back for more. When someone says “Colt” for example, I’m sure most guys on here know exactly what to expect for good or bad. In my mind, if someone could clone Lukas Ridgston, I’d be quite happy. And I will gladly ogle Colt models over and over and over…

    • sicilianmikey says:

      Lukas came from a lab. He’s so hot it’s almost insulting! And yes, I do know where he got his start.

  14. BearStar4U2 says:

    Woof ! HOTTIE ! I want to Suck that Cock and get Fucked by it !

  15. Blondblueeyes says:

    Beautiful but always makes me laugh when some fat old guy gives him 7 out of 10!

  16. crilly says:

    I love him

  17. bimale1954 says:

    He is quite the catch for sure…would love a round or two with him.

  18. albsexy says:

    WOW HOTTER THAN HOT sod the 7 out of 10 more like 11 out of 10 XXX (good luck to ya XXX)

  19. daddy69u says:


  20. stick19 says:

    OH MY GOD. What an amazing young man. I can see a great future for him.

  21. trunzo says:

    He’s one tall and handsome drink of water — with legs that go on forever.

  22. cockwrapper says:

    hot fucking ass,flip flop,flop that cock and then flip and eat that hot smooth asshole and then hard fuck him like crazy until I’ve unloaded,more please.

  23. tahs says:

    One very hot young guy.👍

  24. bananajoe says:

    From his sexy smile down to his big balls and uncut dick, his unadulterated body is a piece of art.

  25. shyguyinwwa says:

    mmmm I agree bananajoe. He is one hot and cute guy

  26. macman0123 says:

    Good looking man,Beautiful cock and Hot hairy arse,sweet……..
    I want him so bad,he can have my arse it’s all his.
    Just great.

  27. biman96 says:

    One hot man

  28. 4skin4me says:

    Hey blondeblueeyes, i couldnt agree more about these types that have to comment in the negative about guys that really are out of their league..just sayin, get over yourselves guys, LOVE to see yu negative nellies put yur fat guts, flabby asses, shrivelled dicks, and butt ugly mugs up so the rest of us can comment on you!!Oh n BTW i dont give a S**t what you say about me, im actually grateful that i can look at guys in all their splendor, of all types,remember that its still illegal and deadly to be gay in some countries and religions, begrateful u have access at all to our community, I just wish you types didnt have to bag constantly whats on offer for all.