MODEL OF THE DAY: Renato @ Lucas Kazan

LUCAS KAZAN: “Hunks like Renato are the reasons we visit Brazil once or twice a year”, says director Ettore Tosi. Manly, muscular and yet approachable, 26 year old Renato is a ‘natural’ before the camera. Sporting a perennial hard-on and flashing his friendly smile. “I work out 5 or 6 days a week”, he says (it shows!) “And love all sports: judo, surfing, skateboarding…”

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14 comments on “MODEL OF THE DAY: Renato @ Lucas Kazan
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    I’m sure he’ll appeal to many. It’s a polite pass from me.

    • dickpopsicle says:

      I understand your pass because his dick isn’t huge.
      But I can relate to having a dick like that because
      I have a small one too.

      I’d gladly accept his invitation to explore his dick and balls.

  2. Berksforfun says:

    Very hot guy, nice smile, not to big, lovely arse.

  3. airlieguy says:

    yeah bois pecs and bulges so hot

  4. pmaul says:

    Nice color. Nice face. Nice beard. Nice muscles, especially the hairy forearms.

  5. anjours says:

    Nice smile! Bedroom eyes!

  6. bigpa says:

    Hot hairy ass, too. I wish he didn’t shave his chest, but…

  7. savedade says:

    Why do furry chested men insist on shaving? Enjoy your manliness. It’s sexy as hell, like his furry man buns.

    • tanned8incher says:

      Who said that it’s not manly to shave? It’s very manly and I go to the gym every day and consider myself very manly… I also shave my chest! Also, if he shaves his chest, he’s defo not ‘furry-chested’!
      By the way, he looks even more manly with a couple of day’s chest hair growth 😉

  8. cumzalot2 says:

    Great looking guy, but tattoos turn me off.

  9. tahs says:

    I wouldn’t mind being attached by that weapon 😋

  10. macman0123 says:

    Hot man.
    Tasty cock,balls and arse and lovely smile.
    I want him deep in my arse if he’s willing.

  11. biman96 says:

    Hot man nice ass