YOUNG Aurora and FATHER FIGURE Misha Dante…

Eurocreme: Indulging ourselves in Misha Dante, this new face is sure to be a hit, and skinny twink Aaron is the first to get fucked by this handsome hunk. Misha’s blonde hair covers him from head to toe, with a hot beard, even hotter chest hair on top of his nicely defined pecs and abs, and of course his ass and legs makes him the perfect young dad to fuck super skinny Aaron. Sporting a darker hair look, our pale twink can’t get enough of our sexy Canadian hunk who, in turn, can’t get enough of Aaron’s ass Spreading those milky white cheeks apart and tongue fucking him deep, Misha knows how to get someone ready for a hard fucking from his hefty dick, just what daddies are for. Slowly moving himself inside Aaron, Misha is in no hurry to cum and takes his time slowly fucking his boy, each thrust forward giving us and even better sight of his sexy muscled body contrasting perfectly with Aaron’s paleness and slim frame. Pinning Aaron down into the bed and taking him from behind and then pulling him on top of him, Misha is one hell of a flexible fucker and Aaron has to fall in line. Bouncing on the bed so hard they could flip off, Aaron is made to take the whole length of Misha over and over in and out of his hole before one final flip over and Misha dumps his well-deserved load all over Aaron’s chest whilst he gazes up at his daddy in awe of what he was just put through.

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41 comments on “YOUNG Aurora and FATHER FIGURE Misha Dante…
  1. pmaul says:

    That “boy” could use a hamburger and some sun. LOL!

  2. FitFella4Fun says:

    Blimey that bottom lad is incredibly white! Being skinny too makes him look really unhealthy. Top’s nice though.

  3. bimale1954 says:

    I agree, the bottom is too skinny, give me the daddy!

  4. airlieguy says:

    nice double act

  5. gayplaygay says:

    Misha is hot but playing with barely legal boys make him look like a pervert.

    • ldnmate says:

      I agree with you. I’m just not a fan of this daddy/son play. This is just images but I do wonder about the real world consequences of this type of thing.

  6. pussycatlover says:

    The daddy (Misha Dante) for me, definitely. The boy looks unhealthy to say the least. Not my type at all – he looks prepubescent in the absence of (or with very little) body hair.

  7. sicilianmikey says:

    Misha isn’t bad. The kid, pass.

  8. Berksforfun says:

    How the fuck did that photo shoot pass! Way to young, call the cops!!!

  9. macman0123 says:

    Great Dad/Son set.
    Awesome kissing,sucking,rimming and fucking,made my cock hard.
    The rimming and arse eating pics are Hot,would love to do that to some hot 21 yr old.
    Both wanted by me.

  10. grantphillips says:

    About time there was more skinny guys on here. Sick of the endless muscle and the constant criticism that the skinny guys look too sickly. Its not the 60s/70s any more we are allowed to move on from the beafcake. Show a bit more rib. 🙂

  11. tim106b says:

    Father figure hot boy not

  12. behairy says:

    The boy may well be an albino with such pale skin.
    1 in 20,000 are in the US and EU. They often have white hair, but may also have darker shades of brown as well. Their hair often darkens as they age.
    In all shots his eyes are closed. Often pale blue to brown eyes. They may appear pinkish due to the lack of melanin pigment in the iris making it translucent and reflecting light off the retina.
    They all suffer eye problems. Most are photophobic/light sensitive. That may explain his always closed eyes with stage lights on.
    Albinos are invariably social loners due to public reaction. He may be very sedentary because of that and not get out and excercise. His body fat seems below a minimum healthy level.
    Not an easy life.

  13. Rnestine says:

    I like my guys skinny but this kid looks like an escapee from a concentration camp. Yikes.

    • needmen says:

      “escapee from a concentration camp”……………….wow….you are a heartless bigoted piece of shit and you need your fucking teeth handed to you, you piece of human garbage……. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?????????????????????

  14. BellevilleBud4Bj says:

    I’d be happy with either, both.

  15. Joeynmtgy8 says:

    Okay. The title of this bit is “Young Aurora and Father Figure Misha Dante.”

    Then, the “story” tells us the young guy’s name is Aaron.

    Why such a weird mistake?

  16. Will_Ling says:

    I’d be happy with the top guy, but the bottom lad looks too young and frail. It is uneasy and detracts from the Top guys masculinity.

  17. daddy69u says:

    The young guy has color in his face and from the wrist down to his hand. Black pubic stubble. Way to white to be healthy. Lacks vit D Would also question his age, no sign of maturity in this like facial hair, or body hair. Daddy is a hot fucker and needs to leave the twink alone. Would want to see his ,young guy, health status report.

  18. BigDave1955 says:

    Somebody give that bottom boy a sandwich, stat!

  19. big4slim says:

    I don’t mind the bottom’s super white skin; I actually find it sexy and more appealing than the burnt reddish skin that someone this white is bound to get if he goes anywhere near the sun 🙂 What I don’t like, however, is how skinny he is and that does makes him look unhealthy, and unappealing, to me (and that’s from someone who likes slim guys!).

  20. trunzo says:

    Aaron/Aurora is in some serious need of nutrition counseling. Those aren’t abs, they’re ribs. Anorexia affects males, too. As for Misha, he’s lucky he didn’t break the boy — literally.

  21. corbin25 says:

    Skinny guy is Aaron Aurora. Pornhub says his birthdate is January 16, 1992. Both guys are welcome.

  22. needmen says:

    Everyone has an opinion…..For fucks sake….

    Not for me, either of them…..

    • johnnie10 says:

      boy you are sure rude, I don’t know what your problem is but you don’t need to tell people off like that

      • needmen says:

        Not for me, either of them was harsh? WOW…….you may want to swaddle yourself back up.

  23. sicilianmikey says:

    I’ve checked back throughout the day, looking to see if new images are up. I try refraining from commenting too much these days, tired of the bickering with some members here…Sadly we’re unable to totally block them 100%. Being straightforward, this young man, while he may appeal to a small portion here, the obvious consensus is he’s not appealing to the majority of us. It borders on both disturbing and almost upsetting.

    This evokes images of child pornography, granted it’s obvious he’s over legal age. I’m sorry, though I’m very open-minded, I can’t help but be bothered a bit by the ideas this set might give some seeing these pictures. Maybe I’m being a bit over dramatic but it’s not cool at all what this set seems to allude to. Father/son pictures, if the models have something about them can be hot. This set isn’t in that ballpark at all.

    I respect Coach a lot and I’ve often thanked or commended him when having to deal with the bitchiness here. But twice now we’ve had these waifs shared here. The last time, ol what’s his face got blasted over how he gets all turned on by twinks, suddenly that post vanished. Perhaps this one should follow suit.

    • needmen says:


    • rooster8 says:

      Agreed. This is catering to pedophiles, whether the kid is legal or not. He still looks like a child.
      Pedophiles have their own sites to go to. Wish Squirt would stick to man-to-man material.

  24. beefeater07 says:

    Sorry…this set makes me want to up-chuck!

  25. biman96 says:

    Hot both for me

  26. spiritman says:

    c’mon boys… this guy is legal… so you need to let him know he is aenorexic/skinny/white/escapee from a concentration camp ?? some of the comments here are heartless…. yet another young dude smashed n trashed because he doesn’t do it for you ??? remember your words when you look at the statistics of young gay suicide/self harm.. some people are naturally skinny/lilywhite/have issues, some people are fat, some are old…. “escapee from a concentration camp” takes the cake …

    • beefeater07 says:

      What spiritman says makes a lot of good common sense. I retract my uncomplimentary statement. Thanks for giving the guy a break!

  27. greenoakowl says:

    Aaron Aurora is not albino. And being skinny does not equate to young or malnutrition. And being paper white is caused by living in England, a northern Country with long cloudy winters.

  28. blacktshirt says:

    these scenes border on exploitative perversion, and the older guy is acting in a predatory manner … vile

  29. bibottomman says:

    A pasty looking bottom to say the least but look at the beautiful cock on him, he’s definitely not barely legal, a bit too white for me but turn out the lights and he’d be a hot little fuck and that’s cumming from and all out bottom!

  30. bjwbjw says:

    No no no.

  31. fuzzyferret says:

    I agree give me dad he can have his way with me.