SPUNKWORTHY: Kent is 24 y/o, recently out of the military and now going to college to be a fitness trainer. He played a handful of sports growing up (baseball, basketball and lacrosse). These days he has a hefty gym regimen, working out 6 days a week, usually twice a day. Kent got hit up about doing porn a few months back and it took him a while to decide to make the leap. Even after showing up at the studio he seemed a little uncertain about things. I asked if he had told anyone about the shoot. “Not a soul knows I’m here right now,” he replied with a nervous smile, adding that most of his friends would be really surprised to hear he was getting naked on camera. Once Kent’s clothes were off, though, he tapped into his inner porn star and warmed right up to the experience. Sometimes it’s those shy guys who have the burning desire inside to let loose and show off what they’ve got. Kent usually jacks off 2-3 times a day, and made sure to hold off for a couple days before the shoot. He was rock hard and looked like he was ready to bust at any moment. And it turned out that he was. No sooner did he get the thumbs up for his grand finale than he ramped up to an explosive cumshot that flew clear up his chest and soaked his stomach.

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  1. bimale1954 says:

    I have to pass, but if your a first time bottom, that cock is just the right size.

  2. pmaul says:

    Love the close-ups. They took me there.

  3. TongueToHole says:

    doesn’t do it for me

  4. bjwbjw says:

    Pass from me

  5. rptop says:

    not for me, but probably really good in the sack, I guess nice to see an average guy who wants to do porn get a shock. Kind of like your not so hot once in a while FB who gives incredible head

  6. rptop says:

    that was meant to say get a shot

  7. airlieguy says:

    no sorry

  8. sicilianmikey says:


  9. FitFella4Fun says:

    Very average in every way, so its a pass from me.
    Not my idea of a porn star at all.

  10. needmen says:

    Not a stick in the eye that’s for sure. But not my cup of tea.

  11. spiritman says:

    it’s kinda funny isn’t it… an average 30 yo guy-next-door type doesn’t grab the interest of average 50 yo guys here

    • sicilianmikey says:

      Grab your reading glasses, he’s 24. Plus there’s no one dictating we have to like him.

  12. Jeeralang says:

    Both Kent and I could lose a few kilo’s! hehehe … but I think he’s cute!

  13. oicur1also says:

    Sorry I seen better looking asses on a peach

    • needmen says:

      ALWAS has to be one fucking bitter old queen to make it rude…….ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS……bet you are the type that demands everybody like and accept you for who you are though eh?

  14. trunzo says:

    Who are we all kidding? I’d fuck around with him in a minute, and I’ll bet most guys on here would too.

  15. brummielad says:

    I think he’s perfect! I like “ordinary” looking guys, and he has a sexy, open, honest face. He’s a regular masculine guy and I’d prefer him to most of the shaved, primped and pumped gym queens in porn!

  16. nookiemonster01 says:

    So he’s an average looking guy, we have all done worse than him, i’d fuck with him if he offered . Most of the guy’s viewing this site wouldn’t have a chance with the pretty boy’s featured on squirt anyway.

    • daddy69u says:

      I think he is hot looking. Beautiful balls and a nice cock that shoots cum mmmmmmmm. He is his own man and woud be hot to fuck around with.all nay sayers should get naked and let men look at them on squirt.,you may be hot or maybe not.,but be open to public critique daddy doug

  17. daddy69u says:

    Ps. Those brown eyes and perfect lips add to his over all sexy look

  18. jimmybananas says:

    Cute guy, nice beefy body, perfect cock

  19. bananajoe says:

    The “boy next door” is sexy, except for the ink.

  20. blacktshirt says:

    he’s mr average and most appealing … far prefer him to the vain plastic porn stars we see on this site … but the guy will have a weight problem soon, though

  21. greg405 says:

    I wouldn’t balk at having to gaze at that face across from me every morning at breakfast.

  22. jai_the_man says:

    Oh someone that is normal , not all those show ponies that you never see around , and so up themselves , Nice to see.

  23. romantico29 says:

    Think he is adorable, and it’s not how big it is, it’s whether he knows how to use it and a beautiful ass! Can’t believe the negative comments here and I’ll bet most aren’t porn stars themselves!!!

  24. macman0123 says:

    Good looking man,great cut cock and tasty hairy arse.
    I want to fuck you Kent.
    Normal guy which makes a change from all the porn stars.
    Just Great thanks.

  25. albsexy says:

    MMM quite a nice looking guy wouldn’t mind a 69 session with him , you can have my man pussy and I’ll have your cream any time but it will cost you a snog XXX

  26. markptbo says:

    I like him. Nice hair on his chest and legs and a little more meat on his bones. He’s good looking.