MEN: Cliff Jensen comes clean with his multiple boyfriends about his polyamorous ways. He hopes to loop them all into one relationship by adhering to a strict sex-schedule—but Vadim Black wants special privileges and Cliff’s hot cock deep in his ass.

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  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Hot guys? Sure. Could be hotter without breaking the fourth wall? Definitely. These are porn movies, not music videos. They needn’t stare our way.

    • Joeynmtgy8 says:

      You post the same basic comment all the time. Send your complaints to the folks at Men.com. THEY are the ones producing these still shots; THEY are the ones responsible for making the directors stage these shots. You do realize when you’ve got someone DIRECTING how you and another guy are fucking and that person is PAYING you to fuck, you kind of have to do what they say. Posing is more common now because of digital recording. You can stop a shot for a pose today and edit it from the final product; in the old days, you’d watch a video and you could see when the “still” photographer was getting his shot as off-camera flashes could be seen (that is when they didn’t just make a copy of the film, cut it up and blow up individual frames for use in magazines).

      Or, shorter: If the posing bothers you so much, just pass on the set.

      • johnnie10 says:

        thank you

      • sicilianmikey says:

        Or, if you don’t like my comments, you can see my name and just roll by rather than wasting a portion of your day telling me this. Has it occurred to you, perhaps someone from the studio could happen upon our comments and change this? I’ve looked for their “contact us” link, have yet to find where to email.

      • brantfordgwm says:

        Save your breath Joey, you cant tell an “Itailan” anything. They know everything and most live in the closet all of their lives because of their wonderful religious upbringing.

        • rooster8 says:

          ? – brantfordgwm : You’re jumping to ethnic bigotry against Italians as your criticism???
          Really now. So stupid, and not appropriate on this site at all.
          Please keep your racist/ethnic bigotry to yourself. .

        • sicilianmikey says:

          I’m Sicilian, not Italian. I’m also a Native American, European mix. And FYI, I was raised Catholic but I’m now a Gnostic Christian, I didn’t say agnostic either. And I’m also a Taurus, so basically, I’m not gunna listen to ya if you’re spouting shit. So, do us a favor, doll, go put your shit where it belongs and flush the mother fucker!!!

          • johnnie10 says:

            you seem to be the one always spouting shit, and never letting go when others comment on your stupid comments. and also like you think the people from porn companies actually read your comments on these sites and will change? I mean really, get a life if you believe that.

          • sicilianmikey says:

            Johnnie, darlin’….you act like I give a fuck what ya think. The give-a-fuck machine is broken, so, yeah…

          • johnnie10 says:

            I don’t give a fuck what you think either or that you don’t give a fuck what I think, but you obviously think everyone should give a fuck what you think by all your rude comments you always are making about everyone else. and neither does anyone else on here. you are getting as bad as that Wesley whatever his name was who you always complained about and I see is no longer on here. I hope they ban you from this site also as they must have done to him. he was never happy with anything either.

          • sicilianmikey says:

            Johnnie, if you truly didn’t care, you wouldn’t comment. Not caring means you’d say nothing, period. Once you say, I don’t care, but….sorry, you care one way or the other. Dozens of members never once say shit to me. But see, you’re unable to see that and just let it go. Unlike you, I don’t care, but only say this to point out the error of your comment.

            I’m entitled to say what I want. If you agree with me, great. If you disagree with me, great. I’m outspoken and speak my mind. Those who can appreciate that, appreciate what I say. Those who don’t spend time trying to educate me. They can ban me, I’ll return. This site doesn’t define me, I enjoy it but I’m not gunna give ten shits what someone I’ll never meet thinks of me.

          • johnnie10 says:

            but using your own words obviously you do care since you cant stop from replying to anyone who says anything against what you say and going on ad nauseum to prove that you are correct.

  2. macman0123 says:

    Hot,Sexy guys,great cocks,and tasty arses.
    Very nice fuck action and not bad looking either.
    I want them both.

  3. Biman96 says:

    Both hot

  4. greggy says:

    very nice 🙂

  5. guymeat1 says:

    would love them both!

  6. airlieguy says:

    sorry to too tooo hairy

  7. Countryboyric says:

    I’ve been watching Cliff and Vadim in various vids from various sources and studios. And as they’ve gotten older they’ve grown into themselves. They were both hot winks once upon a time, tall, lean, less tattoos and less hairy.Now as they approach their 30’s (I think), they are more mature and a hell of a lot hotter than they were. It’s kinda nice to think that as we get older the guys who we woofed our cookies to are getting older with us. I always found both of them hot and the beard on Cliff just makes him more ruff & rugged. And Vadim’s foreskin & hairy arse just get me join’.

  8. DeePeeM says:

    I kind of agree with sicilianmikey, major studio porn does nothing for me either simply because it’s so perfect…the guys, the posing, the acting(?), too fake for my liking. Give me two average guys just fucking like they mean it any day over this crap.

  9. tahs says:

    Hot meat Cliff has there and I know just where he can put it.?

  10. Meissen says:

    What I have been wondering all these years is that if two guys are making love ( fucking ) because of various reasons could they make it more realistic instead of turning to the camera for approval. How mechanical.

  11. Meissen says:

    However they have both very very sexy pubic hair. Good for them not to shave them or trimmed to the base.