RAW DILFS! Jack Andy needs Ricky Verez…

LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT: Jack Andy needs Ricky Verez to get his ass up and out of bed so they can start the day, but Ricky is being lazy. Jack has always treated Ricky like a kid stepbrother, but Ricky views him as more than that. For a long time, Ricky has harbored a strong sexual attraction to Jack, and he finally makes the move and lures Jack into bed with him. Jack doesn’t resist, and instead lets loose on the little Latin bottom. Jack’s nine-inch cock is huge and hard, and Ricky takes it in as many different positions as possible. But riding it is Ricky’s favorite method, while Jack prefers getting the bottom on his back, legs up in the air, and pounding him until he shoots his load!

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15 comments on “RAW DILFS! Jack Andy needs Ricky Verez…
  1. Knyteryder says:

    Definitely Jack – the top – for me.

  2. Tonyrefail says:

    Great arse on Ricky. Lucky guy having Jack’s beautiful cock.

  3. assman101 says:

    Both nice…especially like that little cutie bottom!

  4. usechris says:

    Who would ever get out of bed?

  5. sicilianmikey says:

    Jack, period!!!!

  6. pmaul says:

    Beautifully photographed hot session.

  7. tim106b says:

    Jack is one hot sexy fucker Ricky didn’t do a lot for me except for his hot uncut cock

  8. TongueToHole says:

    Jack’s sexy as hell. Besides being way too young, Ricky does nothing for me.

  9. greggy says:

    nice set

  10. macman0123 says:

    Both very sexy,great bodies,cocks and tasty arse on bottom.
    Hot man on man action,sucking,rimming and fucking.
    Loved this set,I want them both.

  11. mbjk1956 says:

    Love them both in a 3way and one on one

  12. daddy69u says:

    Jack all the way . No questions he is hot hung hairy and a hunk . They don’t get much better than jack. All of him is so fucking desireable

  13. scot_bottom says:

    Wouldn’t call him a DILF, a gorgeous otter but not old enough to be a daddy. I’d still love to have him fuck me though!

  14. Biman96 says:

    Fucking. Hot

  15. receptive2men says:

    OMG damn they are hot as hmmmm