MEN: Vadim Black and his girlfriend didn’t expect this type of couples massage, but Vadim’s cock is more than happy to find a home in his masseuse Griffin Barrows’ tight asshole.

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  1. Jerry11 says:

    This is got to be one the stupidest sets of photos I have seen on Squirt. Griffin seems to have only one pose — look at the camera with his dumb mouth opened Vadim with his phony expressions and “artwork’ so distracting from his nice bod. Next, pls.

  2. wantbjfuk says:

    Totally agree with Jerry11. The opened mouth in every pic looks stupid

  3. macman0123 says:

    Love their cocks and bottom’s arse looks lovely.
    I want to be fucked by them both.

  4. Dirk782nup says:

    Two really cute guys with great bodies, including “tools”, and wonderful photography!

  5. sicilianmikey says:

    I’ve become convinced, Men.com and all their affiliated studios are the worst. Same shit all the time, unrealistic settings, 1, 2, 3…pose for the cameras, the models all make the same stupid looks. I’ve never once felt compelled to watch anything from this studio, ever. And when you’ve seen these same men in other movies chowing down on cock, with either their mouths or their asses, seeing them pretend to be straight, its laughable. Sean Cody is far superior.

    And whether or not they are bi in real life, I have zero interest in a woman being in my porn choices, naked or not. If it were a scene and it called for saying, Oh, man…my chick never blows me or blows me like that, sure, fine, it’s hot. For me, emphasis on the me part, I’d be fine seeing way, way less from all the Men.com family here.

  6. pmaul says:

    That girl with the cucumber on her eyes should take them off and watch and see what it’s all about.

    PS: I agree with sicilianmikey.

  7. spiritman says:

    it’s just a bit of fun boys…it’s just a porn shoot… it’s not real !! chill out, get your DHEA levels checked… it is a bit of lightness in the world… there is heavy shit going down around us… lighten up !!

  8. joeynmtgy8 says:

    For what it’s worth, Griffin’s playing a MASSEUR. A woman is a “masseuse.” (Free French language lesson of the day: The ending “-eur” indicates a male performer and “-euse” indicates a female. Usually, the male form is used as the common form: professeur, danseur, chauffeur, raconteur. “Masseuse” is a case of a fairly recent “takeover” since traditionally men performed massages–even on other men–but, as many massage parlors became more connected with female prostitution hangouts, especially in the US, the female form of the word became predominant. But it’s incorrect to use “masseuse” to refer to a man who provides massages. If he’s licensed, he’s a “massage therapist”; if unlicensed, he’s a “masseur.”)

    As to the woman in the set, Griffin obviously slipped her a “mickey” (maybe laced the cucumber slices with something?) ’cause there’s no way she wouldn’t hear (and react to) the guys, no matter how quiet they’re trying to be. I’m just thankful we don’t see her naked self.

  9. aagold76 says:

    Vadim looks SSSOOOO much hotter with some hair on his body!!!!

  10. scot_bottom says:

    Griffin is definitely the hotter of the two.

  11. trunzo says:

    Maybe if the woman was wearing ear buds and was heavily sedated, it might be easier to believe the dudes could get away with half of what they’re doing. But still, hot fucking usually gives off a nice aroma — which would be hard for her to ignore. Gotta give Men.com credit, though — at least they’re trying to come up with new porn plots.