WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Michael Roman, Daymin Voss OR Fernando Del Rio?




RAGING STALLION: Leather daddy Michael Roman, pig Fernando Del Rio, and Daymin Voss are tatted muscle studs looking to get dirty in their jockstraps. Fernando bends over and offers up his hairy, sweaty hole for the other two muscle hunks to share. Michael and Daymin get Fernando’s ass lubed and opened up with their prying tongues and lots of spit while they prime him for what’s about to come. Fernando’s big fuzzy sack dangles down between his legs as he gets his taint and balls worked along with his hole. Fernando bends over to get spit roasted with Michael stretching out his ass and Daymin reaming his throat with his thick, hairy, huge dick. Michael wants a turn on Fernando’s tight hole and the sweaty studs switch positions with the leather daddy fucking Fernando’s face as Daymin mans the helm from behind.

Daymin pulls out of Fernando and lies down on the table to let Michael ram his big hard cock in his fuzzy crack. Daymin gets his butt hole pounded deep as he sucks on Fernando’s hairy dick and rims his used-up ass. Pulling out Michael drops a load of jizz all over Daymin’s tasty bubble butt. The sight of it all makes Fernando blast a geyser of his own as the cum shoots out of his throbbing, thick, uncut cock and onto the floor. Daymin is the last to go and moans out hard with his thick, creamy white semen rolling out of the tip of his cock. Nothing gets in the way of these studs living out their fantasies and getting all the hairy cock and ass they can get.

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11 comments on “WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Michael Roman, Daymin Voss OR Fernando Del Rio?
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Michael…but that hat isn’t him.

  2. bimale1954 says:

    All three for me, SPIT ROAST me!

  3. pmaul says:

    Not into that scene but the flesh equipment and hairy chests are A-1.

  4. macman0123 says:

    A very nice set, I love it,thank you.
    Macho men with awesome cocks who get right into the fucking action.
    Yes I want all three gents, sadly I have no chance.

  5. Deltamen says:


  6. manindelco says:

    All i can say is ‘aw fuck’!! all three of them look hot as heel and very tasty. love the fur and love the ink, very hot hot scene…..but a 4th guy would have made it more complete. i can think of several who’d have fit in with them nicely….

  7. lever says:

    Michael please

  8. gayplaygay says:

    All three super hot.

  9. Jerry11 says:

    Sorry, all three are just too “scanky” (sp) for me. I am not that hard up. Enjoy them, bois. Pass.

  10. blacktshirt says:

    vile sleazy posers … PASS

  11. daddy69u says:

    Daymin, so fucking hot, hung hairy hunk. Wow to cuddle with him as fore and after glow would be more than a dream!!!!! This man has the total sex appeal.