FUCK YEAH! Thomas Stuffs Ryder…



CORBIN FISHER: Fans can’t seem to get enough of Thomas. With his mischievous smile, athletic body, and meaty cock – there’s a lot to like! Good thing too, because Thomas is having a blast hooking up with one hot stud after another – and has no plans of stopping anytime soon! Not when he’s discovering new and empowering ways to get off and have some of the strongest orgasms of his life!

Today Thomas assaults Ryders in more ways than one, first with his mouth – then with that big dick of his! Ryder now joins the growing list of sexy studs to learn how good newbie Thomas can fuck!

They can all tell you, it’s a very sexually satisfied group to be in.

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13 comments on “FUCK YEAH! Thomas Stuffs Ryder…
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Neither is a bad choice. But Thomas, dear God……!!!!

  2. pmaul says:

    It’s all right.

  3. macman0123 says:

    Wow,these two gents are awesome.
    Very good looking with beautiful cocks and very tasty hairy arses.
    Loved this set,great cock in arse and cum shot pics.
    I want both these guys to fuck me senseless,have to have another wank……mmmmmmmmm

  4. TongueToHole says:

    I concur with macman0123 that there’s something so appealing about asses with that light fuzz all over

  5. bimale1954 says:

    Very sexy duo!

    Would love a threesome with these two.

  6. joeynmtgy8 says:

    I’d love to know why Ryder doesn’t have any tats in his solo shots but he does have tats in the coupled shots. He also seems to be hairless (maybe fully shaved) in the solo shots but in the coupled shots, he’s got some tufts around his nipples. (I checked the CF website and, aside from its not very user-friendly set-up if you’re not a member, nothing seemed to explain the difference there. His solo pics show him to be hairless, natural or shaved, and non-tatted but all the thumbnails for his films, except for a presumably solo film, show a slightly hairy, tatted guy. You’d almost think the studio has 2 different Ryders who look similar–again, the site doesn’t let non-members check out the “actors” in an easy manner.)

  7. Biman96 says:

    Two hot men

  8. bjwbjw says:

    Want to be topped by both

  9. cockchewer says:

    Boring. Tedious. Too vanilla.

  10. blacktshirt says:

    both good-lookers, but Thomas is too assertive/dominant in these pics … I find assertive people objectionable … self-assertion = thinking you are better than the other …

  11. clumpster says:

    I love Thomas’s furry ass.

  12. Chefcub5 says:

    Thomas all the way for me. Starting with that furry round ass. Love to spread and tongue all around his pink hole the swallowing hit beefy cock down my throat. Perfection.