Liam CYBER fucks the cum out of Michael DEL RAY…

GUYS IN SWEATPANTS: Life is better naked. Life is also better with friends. So why not be naked with friends? These guys spent most of their trip here with minimal clothes on (this was obviously encouraged). Their chemistry was on point too, which made this sex that much better. Michael has a nice fat cock, which Liam had no problem completely deep throating. It was fucking impressive. Michael is completely versatile, but insatiable when it comes to bottoming! Gotta love those power top/bottoms. Liam fucked him in almost every position… until Michael climbed on top and it hit that perfect spot and he blew his load straight into the air!

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24 comments on “Liam CYBER fucks the cum out of Michael DEL RAY…
  1. ncstripsearch says:

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

  2. hole_stretcher says:

    great fuck!

  3. sicilianmikey says:

    No thanks.

  4. goodbuddynola says:

    hottest inter-racial pics I’ve seen in a quite a while. both boys are beauties

  5. goodbuddynola says:


  6. silverfoxnva1 says:

    No tks

  7. big4slim says:

    Sexy duo;the white guy reminds me of Lee Ryder who was a major porn star in the 80’s for the uninitiated, minus the huge cock.

  8. guymeat1 says:

    Hey big4slim….definitely remember Lee Ryder….hot as hell with an incredible cock…..and I’m with you, the white guy here does remind me a little of him….he would be my pick!

  9. big4slim says:

    @guymeat1, Lee Ryder was definitely hot, tip to toe; he’s one of my all time favorites. Reminds me of checking if they have any of his vids on pornhub for a stroll in memory lane.

  10. Jerry11 says:

    What a perfect couple! Can’t see how anybody can be neg. on these two. Just nice clean cut guys.

  11. activ says:

    always the same stereotype

  12. emmitt22 says:

    I’m so weak for bbc…..
    I need to cum now….

  13. needmen says:

    THEY LOOK LIKE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. daddy69u says:

    Perfection!!!! Luv the nipping sucking and cum shots. Makes for a perfect set of man pics.thanks to total team for highlighting these hunks that are uh hoback t and hung. Luv the thought of bare back fucking. Extra sensual.

  15. spiritman says:

    keep up the posts including multi racial men Coach.. it is a good way to educate those who are not open to difference. There is much more to the world than an Anglo-Saxon way of seeing things

  16. johnnie10 says:

    this was one of the hottest sets I have seen in a long time.

  17. tahs says:

    They can both fuck the cum out of me and cum in me?

  18. shyguyinwwa says:

    wow hot pics mmmm

  19. mbjk1956 says:

    They can both fuck me and I’ll fuck them

  20. Biman96 says:


  21. pgtonedandtall says:

    Hot Guys! Exceedingly hot!

  22. macman0123 says:

    Both men have beautiful cocks and tasty arses.
    Love the rimming and cock in arse pics.

  23. clumpster says:

    Two lovely guys.