Caspar & Vander… RAW @ CHAOS MEN…

CHAOS MEN: I of course wanted to put big beefy Caspar with Vander. I just wasn’t sure Caspar could handle getting fucked by Vander’s thick dick. Caspar was definitely squirming, and normally Vander has problems staying hard when a guy is clearly struggling to take his cock. But there was a lot aggression in this video. Both guys are passionate and fucking with aggression. Vander gets fucked too. Well, he rides Caspar like a pro, and then laid on his back so Caspar could choke fuck him! Pretty hot to see! I usually depend on Vander getting fucked in order for him to cum, but Vander really wanted to breed Caspar. He dumps a huge load on and in Caspar’s hole!

Caspar then strokes out his own load while Vander laps it up!

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13 comments on “Caspar & Vander… RAW @ CHAOS MEN…
  1. macman0123 says:

    Both have nice bodies,cocks and arses.
    Great action here,both getting fucked.
    A session with them both would be good.

  2. ncstripsearch says:

    Hell yeah!!

  3. sicilianmikey says:

    It wound up much hotter than I expected….DAMN!

  4. brightlight says:

    Great set….sexy blokes…and no playing up to the camera for a change! I find all that playing up really off-putting and cringeworthy!

  5. wheart says:

    Great action.
    Couple of guys enjoying each other

  6. BearStar4U2 says:


  7. daddy69u says:

    Two hunks showing us passion bareback and rimming. Perfect mmmmm wish I was there

  8. Biman96 says:

    Hot both for me

  9. blacktshirt says:

    both very attractive men, and they work well together …

  10. bananajoe says:

    WOW, it’s so nice to see natural, thick, uncut dick hair!!

  11. scot_bottom says:

    Two gorgeous hairy men, what’s not to like?

  12. BadBoyBen31 says:

    God Damn!!! Can I have both of them? They are both very hot men.

  13. needmen says:

    HOLY!!!!!!!!!! Take me now boys and put me through hell!!!!!!!!!!