LUCAS KAZAN: Raffaele was born in Spain, but has lived in Sicily for ten years. His Italian has a bit of an accent still. Which makes this smouldering 24 year old jock even sexier and all the more desirable. Short, but well-built, olive-skinned Raffaele is all about Mediterranean good looks and charm. With a twist (check out his cock piercing)…

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  1. airlieguy says:

    yeah awesome body lets fuck

  2. BearStar4U2 says:

    Hottie ! Nice Big Hard Cock and Big Balls ! No excessive
    beard or tats ! I wanna Suck Him and get Fucked by Him !

  3. bike69 says:

    I want that jock meat in mouth and up ass.

  4. macman0123 says:

    Good looking gent,great body,lovely cock and nice bum.
    I want to be fucked by Raffaele.

  5. gayplaygay says:

    Definitely a keeper , sexy as all get out.

  6. jerry11 says:

    bike69 you might not want to be “f—ed” by him or suck him — the jewelry on his tool could rip up you ass and destroy your teeth sucking. Raffaele put that jewelry on him for a purpose — his purpose!

  7. bimale1954 says:

    Hot body and cock, yes please!

  8. TongueToHole says:


  9. sicilianmikey says:

    Almost, but no thanks. Bald crotches and cock piercings ain’t my thing. Uncut isn’t appealing either, if they guy revs my engine, that can be overlooked. The other parts, deal killers.

    • BearStar4U2 says:

      So , You enjoy ” flossing ” your teeth while sucking cock ?

      • sicilianmikey says:

        Irony, the man whose name includes the word bear is against body hair. Kinda misleading. Moving on. There’s a happy medium between 70s pornstars and bald crotches. Bald is creepy, makes a guy look like he did pre puberty. If that’s your thing, do you, be you. Just bein’ real.

  10. deguy054 says:

    Damn, he is hot! I would drop to my knees soooooo fast.

  11. wetone says:

    nice body but sorry not enough tats

  12. big4slim says:

    Good enough to eat.

  13. trunzo says:

    I love Italian Spaniards, or Spanish Italians, however you prefer to say it. I’m not crazy about piercings (either eye-sides or cocks), but in Raffaele’s case, I’d make an exception — he’s so beautiful. As far as any “damage” the cock stud may do, you’d just have to slow things down a little and be more careful — not a bad idea.

  14. Biman96 says:

    Hot man