Desperate House husband W/ Cliff Jensen & Casey Jacks…

MEN.COM: Cliff Jensen is still trying to fill the sexual void left by his wife. He spots her exercise buddy Casey Jacks working up a sweat outside and invites him in so they can work up a sweat together; with a hot calorie burning sex session.

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16 comments on “Desperate House husband W/ Cliff Jensen & Casey Jacks…
  1. tim106b says:

    WTF too much ink and loving the camera

  2. deano1967 says:

    Fuck that fat cock stretching his hole looks fucking amazing

  3. sicilianmikey says:

    Ugh…so much potential if these idiots running the studios would realize posing is a huge fuckin turnoff! Ink doesn’t bug me, the guys are both hot. The fantasy is killed when they stare at the camera. It reminds me of when little kids do something and stare at you until you recognize them, not hating on kids, let’s be clear about that. Adult men shouldn’t be forced to stare at the camera. Focus on each other….

  4. 2guys4u2 says:

    Most porn these days has way too much looking at the fucking camera. Spoils the whole damn thing 🙁

  5. pmaul says:

    The hairy top would’ve won for me if he hadn’t ruined his skin with blotchy tats.

  6. heythere250 says:

    the guy with the fat cock had me at hello

  7. macman0123 says:

    Nice set and nice looking guys.
    Both have beautiful cocks and arses.
    I want be spit roasted,big thick cock deep in my arse.

  8. TongueToHole says:

    Prefer the guy with no tats (and not just because of the ink issue)

  9. Jerry11 says:

    Posing at the camera and way too many tats! Big turn off. I guess the guy with all the tats should use a “Glory Hole.” Now, I know why there are glory holes. lol

  10. bananajoe says:

    Both are handsome… however, the tall guy is NOT as sexy with all the INK!

  11. Joeynmtgy8 says:

    To the guys complaining about the “posing,” have any of you actually watched the videos these shots come from, or are you basing your gripes just on the still shots? Just out of curiosity, do you also gripe about “posing” when it comes to solo shoots?

    These guys are being paid to have sex with each other. They’re SUPPOSED to be able to “pause” a sex scene and then get right back into it. Oh. Incidentally, you guys DO understand that most porn shots aren’t actually “done-in-one,” right? A “single” scene may cover a couple of hours or even days (for what turns out to be 10 or 20 minutes on screen) and usually involves a couple of different cameramen covering different angles. In the “old days” of video, you’d often see camera flashes on screen because there was a still photographer taking shots for magazines (usually, the image in the magazine wouldn’t match what you ever saw on the video because of a different angle or the negative would get flipped).

    But, bitches, here’s an idea: Skip over the “posing” shots and just jack off to the rest of them. Your whines about “posing” is getting old. There should be enough “unposed” shots for you to get off to.

    • johnnie10 says:

      I so totally agree with you, but its like preaching to the choir, they just have to keep on bitching about something.

  12. topnrim says:

    Agree with Sicilianmikey. Just get on with it and forget the stupid facial expressions at the camera. Absolutely no one cares

  13. spiritman says:

    Joeymtgy8… couldn’t agree with you more… the constant whining and critiques re “posing ” and “tatts ” is getting really old…. it goes no where…it adds nothing positive to the pool of life….all it does is show that the whiners are out of touch with contemporary trends… anyone under 40 generally has no issue with tatts or looking at a camera… it is becoming a grandad syndrome on here…

  14. needmen says:

    CLIFF……YES SIR! Anything you want to do to me… it. LOL. Lets go get a Cpl tats!!!! AHAHAHAHAAH

  15. daddy69u says:

    OMG fuckin hot pics. Luv the ones of cock sucking !!!!!!