WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Johnny Riley OR Steve Rogers?



NEXT DOOR BUDDIES: Johnny Riley makes his bearded return and who is waiting for him but fellow Floridian stud newbie Steve Rogers. Johnny quickly removes Steve’s shirt to let everyone see his massive chest, and absence must make the dick grow fonder, because Johnny gets right to pleasuring Steve, downing his cock as he takes off his pants and begins to jack himself off. Steve face fucks Johnny’s mouth before they switch roles. Johnny asks Steve if this really is his first time sucking a cock as Steve proves quite skilled deep throating Johnny’s hard on. Johnny’s ready for a hard fuck and Steve obliges him, letting him mount on his raw cock reverse and grabbing Johnny by the waist with his strong hands. He pounds Johnny like that for a good long while, before flipping him onto the bed and continuing the deep dicking, fucking Johnny’s bubble butt before switching him onto his back. Fucking him missionary, they kiss hard before Steve stands up and fucks the cum out of Johnny. He spits his load onto his chest as Steve pulls out and jizzes on his hole, just like he never left.

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22 comments on “WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Johnny Riley OR Steve Rogers?
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Steve is hot, lack of pubes is not. Its a shame the studio and others like it believe we don’t care about the fantasy aspect anymore.

  2. bike69 says:

    100% all American meat.

  3. deano1967 says:

    Yum, great pics, very hottttttttttt guys

  4. bimale1954 says:

    Can I have both cocks please!!!

  5. sweguy69 says:

    Grrrr hot guys! I want both bb m 😉

  6. anidlemind3 says:

    The freckles on Johnny’s back sell it to me.
    Funny how little things can make a difference.

  7. gayplaygay says:

    Both hunks but Steve gets my vote.

  8. bananajoe says:

    Don’t wanna get cut by the hour glass.

  9. B_B_Bottom says:

    For me it’s Johnny hands down. (Or should that be cock up?) Steve has too many tattoos for my taste.

  10. Jerry11 says:

    You bet, B_B_Bottom — Johnny hands down! Steve has a beautiful bod but screwed it up with all his tats. Guess he wants us to look at his tats and not his dick. Wonder why? lol

  11. gary47 says:

    I will take both all day any day and night woof woof!!!

  12. macman0123 says:

    Both are sexy men,with great bodies,lovely cocks and arses.
    Would love a 3way with both guys.
    A chain fuck would be good,me in the middle.

  13. cardiffmikey says:

    Steve Rogers is very very hot and so my type – although i woudnt say no to that cock of Johnny Rileys either

  14. jimmybananas says:

    Too many tats …

  15. sockvid says:

    Johnney looks good, Steve looks better, more tattoo’s, but to be honest most porn studios like sockless guys having sex, so for me it’s neither as like a guy in socks.

  16. peterandjim says:

    Steve Even with no pubic hair

  17. blacktshirt says:

    big boy Steve … a real MAN

  18. homarc says:

    Total turn off for mutilated genital.

  19. mcontreras says:

    most differently pick Steve for he is so masculine.

  20. shyguyinwwa says:

    Both are hot but if I had to choose one I’d prob go with handsome Steve

  21. bigpa says:

    Both hot, Steve has the better body and better tats (love those tats across the arms!) but Johnny has the better beard and dick, which just barely edged him over Steve for me.

  22. sdtony56 says: