KristenBjorn Casting Couch W/ Mikel Duke & Peter Conner…

KRISTEN BJORN: Peter Conner is out having a drink when he spots Mikel Duke across the bar. Peter has seen Mikel here before and has lusted for him ever since that first spotting. Tonight, Peter invites Mikel over and the fusion of rich, deep, dark chocolate and creamy milk chocolate begins. The passionate kissing has both men’s cocks busting to be free and Peter releases Mikel’s cock from his underwear into his awaiting mouth. Mikel’s huge, fat cock fills Peter’s mouth with pleasure as he runs his moist lips up and down that cock’s shaft. Mikel can’t wait any longer and dives onto Peter’s mammoth cock and begins with the bulbous head and foreskin, teasing him all the way. Mikel slowly works his way towards the base of Peter’s cock, showing him just how deep his throat is. Mikel works his way up and down Peter’s cock until it is rock solid and ready to explode.

Peter spreads Mikel’s legs wide open and probes his hot, smooth, pink hole with his hot, pink, probing tongue. Sensing Mikel’s level of desire, Peter thrusts his raw, monster cock deep within Mikel’s hungry ass. Peter flips Mikel from all 4’s to his back and gains access to probe and pleasure Mikel from another seductive direction. The mixture of creamy milk and dark chocolate together is mesmerizing. Peter flips Mikel again and this time Mikel grinds his ass down hard and deep onto Peter’s massive cock. The guys take turns in who is in charge of the fucking until Mikel rides Peter to and over the edge of ecstasy as Peter’s cock is exploding cum as he pulls out and showers Mikel’s hot ass with his thick load. Peter shoves his cum slicked cock back inside of Mikel, which triggers his hot load to shoot out. Peter rides Mikel’s ass until he is completely drained. Mix it up, go for the swirl!

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11 comments on “KristenBjorn Casting Couch W/ Mikel Duke & Peter Conner…
  1. bike69 says:

    The ideal match black cock white ass.

  2. sicilianmikey says:

    Overly trimmed, I tried…I just can’t, too weird.

  3. bigboy9uc says:

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  4. joe_1152 says:

    He can fill me up with that big black cock anytime he wants, I’m ready now.

  5. manl says:

    very sexy love how smooth you guys are, nice and clean…. have fun!!

  6. dutch1 says:

    both real studs and pics are well horny

  7. bimale1954 says:

    Again I want both of these guys to fuck me.

  8. suckyouoff_chicago says:

    Both please … at the same time

  9. Jerry11 says:

    I guess it is — I — just don’t feel anything for them or do I think they are connecting with each other. This set seems so phony and in a big way. Their facial expressions show it.

  10. seekking says:

    Hot men, but why do they have to shave those nice thick pubic bushes and armpits. I love my men hot and hairy, not shaved looking like little boys, ugh !

  11. macman0123 says:

    Both have great cocks and arses,a finger in both would be beautiful.
    Not bad,but it’s a pass on both.
    Wondering why men are unable to take all of these black men’s cocks?