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  1. rooster8 says:

    Handsome dude, great body, (terrific ass!), I even like the tats because they suit him.
    But the shaved pubes -???- I just don’t get it. Pubic hair is SO masculine and sexy to me!

    • Joeynmtgy8 says:

      “Pubic hair is SO masculine.”

      Talk about the DUMBEST comment I think I’ve ever read.

      You are aware that WOMEN have pubic hair, right? (Hell, there’s a story–possibly a myth–about art critic John Ruskin being so turned off by his new bride’s pubic hair that their marriage was never consummated. As the story goes, he’d formed his opinion on how women’s bodies should look from the classic nude pictures and statues of women, none of which showed any hair “south of the equator” unless it started from their head.)

  2. shyguyinwwa says:

    very hot guy love every inch of him from his tats right down to his uncut cock mmmmm

  3. cardiffmikey says:

    Absolutely Awesome! He used to be an MMA fighter

  4. sicilianmikey says:

    Not feeling the nearly bald crotch, not my thing.

  5. wantyrload says:

    WOW!! Great body, fantastic tatts and those shaved pubes. A TOTAL turn on.

  6. bruno15 says:

    What a gorgeous male specimen. Grrrrr. Love the way his uncut cock hangs. Would have liked to have seen him hard but nevermind. Perfection.

  7. cylvannj says:

    Great sexy body and beautiful uncut cock and powerful buttocks. He would look much better without all that ink. A small tattoo would be much better.

  8. macman0123 says:

    Handsome,sexy fucker,beautiful body,cock and arse.
    Would love a taste of you,just lovely.

  9. wheart says:

    Superb body and yummy arse.
    Pity about the ugly tats.

    • Needmen says:

      Pity about your closed minded attitude and lack of acceptance for an individual……UGLY AS HELL YOU ARE!

      • johnnie10 says:

        so he can express his opinion on what he dislikes and he is closed minded but whatever you say is ok? pot meet kettle.

  10. bike69 says:

    He is pure perfection even with the ink that adores his body. Love the choice of jockstraps, plus that uncut cock shows off his body.

  11. sdtony56 says:

    Simon Marini, the hairless crotch has got to go, he would look so much better left unshaved, it would be so much more Masculine, with it shaved, it really looks ugly, but the rest of his body is just right for me.

  12. pmaul says:

    I’m simply not in his league. The shaved crotch doesn’t help.

  13. Rogue125 says:

    Sorry guys. Love trimmed and shaved pubes

  14. Needmen says:

    Although never been fond of uncut dick….The Man is BEAUTIFUL!

  15. daddy69u says:

    Hunk hot hairless hunk. Love the ass. The red and black jock strap is so sexy.