HOW SWEET IT IS! Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign Flip Fuck @ COCKY BOYS…

COCKY BOYS: It’s the end of summer at CockyBoys where Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign (formerly Alex Vaara) talk about all the fun times, but also about something they didn’t get around to doing: each other! And so, on the cusp of fall the guys finally pursue their pent-up attraction with sex outdoors. After climbing down from a lofty perch atop a ladder tree stand, they make out and instinctively their hands grope their bulging crotches. Ricky can’t even keep his shorts on. He slips them down and raises himself up a few rungs on the metal ladder so Taylor can easily suck his hard cock at eye level.

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6 comments on “HOW SWEET IT IS! Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign Flip Fuck @ COCKY BOYS…
  1. DAVEWESLEY says:

    Mmm if you go into the woods today .. id love to come across these 2, love just to sit there and watch em.. get off on that

  2. deguy054 says:

    These guys are soooooo cute together!

  3. sicilianmikey says:

    Nice to look at.

  4. bigesurrey says:

    Both hot guys but I’m not into tattoos

  5. pmaul says:

    Idyllic setting with a good-looking young couple, but the tattoos got in the way.

  6. macman0123 says:

    Both handsome and sexy with good bodies,beautiful cocks and tasty arses.
    Hot fuck action loved seeing these pics.
    I want both a hot 3way would be awesome.