A Vision of Men by John Edward Fink

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  1. gary47 says:

    I will take all of them over and over again and again woof woof

  2. tigris says:

    Simply stunning !

  3. Jerry11 says:

    Glad this set was on for those who like this type of man.

  4. jimmybananas says:

    Hot daddies rule! WOOF

  5. seekking says:

    Great set of furry beefy guys some with suckable foreskin.
    The guy in the first two pics is my dream boat. love to suck and ride him into next week. yum !
    keep up your fine variety of men, something for each of us !

  6. BigDave1955 says:

    I hate it when some of the “sexy older dudes” are young enough to be my children…

    • rooster8 says:

      🙂 Good one! – (Get a T-shirt that says “Still Younger Than Cher”, even if you’re not.)

  7. rooster8 says:

    With all the comments I’ve seen about tats looking terrible when men get older,
    these guys are looking great, especially the last pic!

    My fave is the guy, 4th pic from last, stepping into the shower! So fucking hot! Woof, Grrrr…

  8. sicilianmikey says:

    Not bad. How to convey my thoughts so the Bitchy Queens keep their plums cooled? If some of them didn’t have such bushy beards, they’d have more appeal…at least to me.

  9. shyguyinwwa says:

    Very nice photo set. Nice furry mature men. uncut ones are a + for me

  10. pmaul says:

    Now you’re talkin’! Sexy, hairy, beefy mature men!

  11. bigpa says:

    Best set yet! Love the hairy backs, tats, foreskins and especially the bushy & scraggly beards! No salon-coiffed manscaping just real men as they are! I’m not into the silver daddies (being one myself) but I wish I looked half as good as these! As for the dark beards and hairy bodies, put me in the middle- WOOF WOOF WOOF and WOOF!

  12. pussycatlover says:

    Without a doubt, a stunning set of men. All of them are real men and very handsome.

  13. cardiffmikey says:

    Every single one of them is good for me – WOOF

  14. xsxf009 says:

    Big applause for hairy and real men and i do mean real men. Especially the uncut ones

  15. bobbymay says:

    First guy, foreskin guy, shower guy….mmmm and woof!

  16. dudewithskeletons says:

    i guess judging from all the positive comments, I would have to say these squirt members like the older heavier guys as opposed to younger fit guys

  17. purpleorgan says:

    Hot set but due to my hang up about tats the overly inked does nothing for me but with less ink most would be really hot. Since I’m older it is nice to see older guys and it is reassuring to see such positive comments. However I do have a thing for younger athletic non inked guys. But then again,judging by the many very positive comments this set does definitely meet the mark! Nice to see the variety covered by this site! Excellent work, Squirt!

  18. senior60 says:

    Love to get my tongue in those furry assholes

  19. spritzr says:

    The best of the whole bunch in my opinion is the hot fit buff man testing the shower from beside the toilet. That’s a “sexy older dude” that doesn’t make me think of a date that would include a fast food drive-thru!

  20. hiredman says:

    The first one is my dream MAN. Awesome body and all that fur makes him so damn sexy. Could suck him all day long and I would try to please him any way that I could