WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Teddy Torres OR Lorenzo Flexx?



RAGING STALLION: Teddy Torres is a horny airline passenger who thinks that airports are boring so he makes his own fun wherever he goes. Lorenzo Flexx is a baggage handler who comes across Teddy with his dick out by the men’s room. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity, Lorenzo does as he’s told and gets on his knees to suck the hairy, uncut cock in front of him. Teddy’s big dick tastes great and feels good sliding down Lorenzo’s open throat. Lorenzo takes care of the passenger, servicing every inch the furry muscle hunk has to offer while making sure to do his job and handle his bag. Teddy wants complete control over the cock-sucking airport employee and grabs his head to face fuck the submissive hairy hunk by going pubes deep in his gagging mouth. Teddy can see that all the dick sucking action has made Lorenzo throbbing hard and returns the sucking favor by getting on his knees in front of the stud. Teddy works Lorenzo until he’s ready to blow and the two horny deviants exchange facials and swap cum right in the airport hallway where anyone could catch them in the act. What could possibly happen if the two spent hunks get caught with their dicks out and their faces slathered in cum?

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17 comments on “WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Teddy Torres OR Lorenzo Flexx?
  1. scot_bottom says:

    Can’t choose, I want both!

  2. cardiffmikey says:

    Both please ….

  3. airlieguy says:

    yeah nice Christmas present they would be

  4. sicilianmikey says:

    Not for me.

  5. DAVEWESLEY says:

    fit cock on Teddy .. but not really my type

  6. bike69 says:

    Again take both for some fun and cum.

  7. tanned8incher says:

    Not really keen on the heavy tattoo… but who gives a fuck!!! A pair of powerful and bee-yooo-tiful cocks and a pair of absolute fucking hunks. Both are fantastic in every way. Usually it’s just one guy that’s better than the other, but these guys are in perfect sync together. Would love to see more of them again. WoW

  8. bimale1954 says:

    I want both of those cocks!

  9. anidlemind3 says:

    Cartoonish. Sorry.

  10. gayplaygay says:

    Definitely Teddy

  11. jai_the_man says:

    Teddy for sure , That Lorenzo does nothing for me , he reminds me of an ape.

  12. gary47 says:

    Definitely both here woof woof

  13. Jerry11 says:

    Gorgeous guys in every which way except why junk up such beautiful bods with “wallpaper” plus jewelry? Takes away from their awesome features.

  14. dickie_55 says:

    Has to be Teddy – his perfectly (perfect) straight dick would really fill your throat. The other guy’s has a curve, which makes a full deep throat near impossible.

  15. heythere250 says:

    so hot…both

  16. pertnperky says:

    Teddy is one fucking hot dude, but what is with that ugly shit on his leg? It isn’t even art! What a fucking shame…

  17. seekking says:

    Hot hairy masculine couple.
    I am a sucker for thick armpits and licking them, Mmmmmm