FALCON STUDIOS: Wesley Woods is enjoying a glass of wine and techy stud Pierce Paris shows up to set up Wesley’s TV. Once Pierce has shown Wesley how to use his new entertainment system, Wesley notices Pierce’s boner bulging in his pants. Without any hesitation, Wesley pulls Pierce’s pants to his ankles and gets to work servicing the hung studs meat. Pierce is excited to return the favor so he rips Wesley’s clothes down and throws him on his back to lick his hole. With a quick spit for lube on Wesley’s hole, Pierce drives his tongue deep into the studs scruffy crevice. Wanting to feel Wesley’s ass from the inside, Pierce pushes his cock deep into the homeowner. Taking it first on his back and then doggy style, Wesley shows Piece he appreciates his cock inside of him. Wesley gives Pierce a break and climbs on top of him until he blows a massive load all over Pierce’s washboard abs. Seeing Pierce covered in cum makes Wesley hungry for more and strokes Pierce’s cock until he gets blasted in the mouth with thick ropes of cum.

Posted in Who Would You Choose
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Both, please!!!!!!!

  2. bike69 says:

    Take them one on one.

  3. thorrtonne says:

    A perfect pair and a perfect pairing!

  4. Jerry11 says:

    Have to admit both are very hot!

  5. bimale1954 says:

    Both are HOT! However I would love to try Pierce’s cock out for size.

    While sucking sexy Wesley’s cock.

  6. pmaul says:

    Hot couple. Glad they didn’t look at the camera. Well done!

  7. JCG1000 says:

    Wesley please 😍😍

  8. gary47 says:

    I would say time for a 3 some and they can flip back and forth as they work both of my holes at the same time woof woof.

  9. andrew_44 says:

    the tv will do fine thanks lol

  10. cocknballslover says:

    Take both of there cum loads in my mouth an swallow every last sweet drop of em both.

  11. americaninbc says:

    Wesley has the looks but Pierce has the bod…

  12. down_to_earth_man says:

    I don’t prefer either but if i was forced to chose I would take Wesley

  13. scot_bottom says:

    Despite the fact he’s bottoming Wesley’s fur clinches it for me.

  14. BearStar4U2 says:

    Only PIERCE !!! What a HUNK and What a COCK !!!
    He can ” Pierce ” My Ass Pussy any day with that
    Cock !!!

  15. needmen says:

    Your HARDware is installed………….wish it was me!!

  16. assman101 says:

    A big dick in tight pants always is a turn-on for me…hot guys!

  17. gayfootballfan says:

    Wesley is really horny but the cock prize goes to Paris!

  18. dacor_69 says:

    I’m in LOVE with Wesley Woods!!!