Murray & Lane Bareback @SeanCody…

SEAN CODY: Wrestling enthusiast Murray is attempting to teach buff beau Lane some wrestling moves. The sun kissed, muscular, jock starts by flipping Lane over his waist and pinning him to the ground, ass up. “Are we even doing wrestling? This isn’t wrestling!” jokes Lane, feet still up in the air. Moving into a doggy style position, Murray explains the next step. “They’re gonna count to three and say go and you’re gonna try to get away.” “But, I don’t want to get away!” quips Lane. “You lift a lot bro, you’re big!” exclaims Lane. “Yeah, you too. You’re sexy. I’m glad I found you,” replies Murray. “You found me? You sure I didn’t find you?” answers Lane as he pulls him in for a deep kiss. “That’s all you get, you’ll see the rest later!” proclaims Lane as he slaps Murray’s ass.

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11 comments on “Murray & Lane Bareback @SeanCody…
  1. gary47 says:

    I would happily celebrate his birthday and his partner’s also 365 days of the year Woof Woof.

  2. pmaul says:

    Very sexy brown and white couple. Hot!

  3. bimale1954 says:

    Wouldn’t mind a threesome with these two!

  4. Jerry11 says:

    Both are very hot!

  5. martini4 says:

    The video was good, but with the pic’s it was fake face expressions

  6. guymeat1 says:

    Both are hot but give me that caramel top!

  7. mbjk1956 says:

    This man can top me anyway he likes.

  8. DAVEWESLEY says:

    fit bottom guy so cute great body to lick all over

  9. TongueToHole says:

    They’re OK. I like the bottom guy better.

  10. Purpleorgan says:

    Both guys are incredibly hot. Be awesome to flip fuck with both of them.

  11. bike69 says:

    As usual I love join in make it three way action.