Tony Orlando and Jaxton Wheeler… Flip-Fuck!!!

FLIP FUCKERS: Jaxton Wheeler and Tony Orlando, are back together after the recent passing of their dad. It has been a while since they’ve gotten along as a family. Nonetheless this unfortunate situation gets them under the same roof. Reminiscing about growing up and the fun they had roughhousing leads them to finally flip fuck each other like they always imagined.

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18 comments on “Tony Orlando and Jaxton Wheeler… Flip-Fuck!!!
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Not bad, lotta elements work against the set, dirty feet, staring…there’s potential to be more than it is.

  2. cardiffmikey says:

    Jaxton every time

  3. bimale1954 says:

    I’ll take both of those cocks please!

  4. pmaul says:

    The hairy, beefy guy. Orlando?

  5. showingit3 says:

    Floors need a mop.

  6. down_to_earth_man says:

    the bearded guy

  7. peterandjim says:

    Are these guys supposed to be brothers? Thats fucked Also too much foreskin on the smooth taller guy

  8. myerection says:

    Don’t look at the camera. It’s a turn off.

  9. DAVEWESLEY says:


  10. jaari says:

    the bear is so handsome, the other guy can go home lol

  11. eatmequick says:

    Dirty feet = disgusting

  12. Jerry11 says:

    Can’t believe both of them had dirty feet. Where in the heck did they to go to have such dirty feet? The posing is so dumb — why?

    • joeynmtgy8 says:

      Um, they’re walking around on a bare, uncarpeted floor. Obviously, somebody didn’t pay for the janitorial service BEFORE the shoot.

  13. hrychstlvr69 says:

    cardiffmikey – said it all
    showingit3 – if the feet thing is worth noting at all – you’ve got the most reasonable comment. Everybody else – just breath — it’ll be ok.

  14. hryhnl says:

    Peterandjim – No, Tony’s not uncut – just looks that way in the first photo.
    Neither are particularly appealing, but Tony does have a nice cock and love those low hangers!

  15. Tony60416 says:

    Okay I’ve always been a fan of Jaxton, he’s very sexy. However I did read that he’s gay for pay and only tops, dates women?!?! I agree about the dirty feet!!! Eeeeewww! And last but not least, brothers??? They look nothing like each other AT ALL!!! NO WAY POSSIBLE!!!

  16. travelman says:

    Disagree with everyone here – LOVE the dirty feet, love the looking into the camera.