Miller Axton Annihilates Jaime Steel’s Hole!

GUYS IN SWEATPANTS: We haven’t seen Jaime Steel in a while. So, when he hit us up saying he was ready to come back for some big dick and rough fucking, we had him on the next flight out. I asked Miller Axton, “You ready to make him your bitch?” He said, “Yep”, and that’s exactly what he did. Miller Axton choke-fucked Jaime Steel with his huge cock as Jaime laid there with his uncut cock hard as a rock, loving every second of it. Miller had Jaime’s hole nice and sloppy with his spit as he mercilessly plowed his hole, holding him down on the bed like a predator with its prey. When Jaime was allowed to make any noise, it was moans and sounds of pleasure. Miller pounded Jaime’s load out of him before fucking his own load into his hole, making it leak cum as he kept fucking it into him!

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11 comments on “Miller Axton Annihilates Jaime Steel’s Hole!
  1. sicilianmikey says:


  2. down_to_earth_man says:

    well certainly the cocks are nice. that’s it though.

  3. bimale1954 says:

    Would love to let Miller try me out for size!

  4. dudewithskeletons says:

    hot boys

  5. ljg says:

    He could fuck my throat anytime.

  6. assman101 says:

    None of the photos really showcased that beautiful black man…we barely see his face!

  7. DAVEWESLEY says:

    but what a cock .. id like a ride please (jumps up and down)

  8. booboo79 says:

    I love a good interracial bareback fucking with ooey gooey splooge “cumming” out of the ass. I’d love to see more pics/vids of this category.

  9. irakeven says:

    not that fused over the top guy, but the bottoms pretty hot!!!

  10. bike69 says:

    Black stallion.

  11. retprin says:

    awesome. the facefuck in the trailer made me wanna cum