WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Sean Harding OR Killian Knox?



MEN OVER 30: Killian Knox and Sean Harding have been dating for a while and are looking to spice up their sex life. So, they head off to the popular public restroom that has a glory hole. Sean has Killian go inside the stall and put his cock through the hole so he can suck it. Sean then puts his cock through the hole and Killian sucks him. Killian then comes out and rims Sean’s ass bent over the sink. He then fucks Sean bent over the sink. Sean then rims Killian for a while before fucking him bent over the sink. Sean then lies on his back and Killian fucks the cum out of him and then shoots his load all over.

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25 comments on “WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Sean Harding OR Killian Knox?
  1. cardiffmikey says:

    I wouldnt mind being in between these two

  2. sicilianmikey says:

    Neither is a bad choice.

  3. hrychstlvr69 says:


  4. ljg says:

    Lame set I thought the idea of a gh was to be anonymous. Then if it got hot and heavy and wanted more then you come out from behind the wall not before.

  5. Biman96 says:


  6. Biman96 says:

    Both for me

  7. TongueToHole says:


  8. pmaul says:

    Not for me. Nice fake glory hole, though.

  9. down_to_earth_man says:


  10. horneyguy69 says:

    when it comes to these two, I am happy with my hand.

    • pgtonedandtall says:

      Both are hot! Like to fuck either one. They’re tied but Sean would win if he ditched the tattoos.

  11. senior60 says:

    mmm glory hole sex really turns me on.

  12. bike69 says:

    To much posing man to man sex is natural.

  13. bimale1954 says:

    Both top so I’ll take both.

  14. JObuddyIA says:

    Don’t use the urinal, or your feet will get wet.

  15. mountvilleman says:

    Both Please

  16. discretion says:

    Hot…I’d gladly get on my knees for both, and let them both take turns sitting on my face.

  17. Petris says:

    Neither one. What is with all these bearded and bald guys lately. I like to play with myself looking at smooth faced, smooth bodied studs with hair fucking around. These sets are only one step above porn with women! Ewwww!

  18. hole_stretcher says:


  19. puphorny1 says:

    why not get in between both of those hairy studs

  20. Jerry11 says:

    Really??? Pass

  21. teneiya says:


  22. AigoBare says:

    Might be better if one of ’em made/watched while the other serviced different guys.