Young Furry Dude Puts On A Very Enthusiastic Show!

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20 comments on “Young Furry Dude Puts On A Very Enthusiastic Show!
  1. out_for_fun says:

    This boy should be in porn or maybe he has just watched too much porn in the past

    Hot vid tho – hehe

  2. ruhairyforme says:

    Good video, nice looking man too. On the other hand, he needs a new pair of socks.

  3. brawnbear says:

    Patently a show reel.

  4. topsalot says:

    Amazing, this guy is my idea of perfection. 🙂

  5. jack_the_lad says:

    sorry this doesnt do it for me, he’s too camp, i pefer men to act like men

  6. SpoogeHoover says:

    Heh heh… great combination of hot and seriously odd!

  7. cockwrapper says:

    YUM BUM ! Love to fuck a horny young furry boy hole YUM 4 CUM !

  8. baybubba says:

    My kind of ass – would love to tap that sweet thing!!

  9. johmo says:

    love the odd socks, he must have another pair like that.

  10. Borised says:

    hey mr hot stuff, you can cum and do porn with me anytime…:-)

  11. schlonger28 says:

    ..too weird for me, and a bit girly…

  12. bitter69uk says:

    Not digging the grimy student accomodation he lives in or the mismatched socks, and he’s hamming it up for the camera — BUT this boy gave me an instant rock-hard boner! I would give him such a thorough all-over tongue bath and then gladly fuck his brains out, but most of all I would eat that perfect hairy pink boy pussy until my tongue was sore! Perfection.

  13. BiBurbGuy says:

    How did the cameraman resist the urge not to suck that hot cock and rim that ass and lick up that tasty load? The temptation had to be so great….

  14. mm30 says:

    funniest thing i’ve ever seen. cute though

  15. sweguy69 says:

    Cute furry guy!

  16. elray1988 says:

    what an odd chap.

  17. peterj says:

    dirty bed linen , dirty clothes, mis matched socks , dirty room and looks like he could do with a good shower and the room fumigating , god knows what his nether regions smell of cos he sure cant look after anything else !! surely u can find something better than this to put on here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. meissen says:

    I do not really know what he was up to. It was off putting.

  19. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:


  20. lignam23 says:

    Good Porn 😀