You Only Get Half An Hour With This Guy… What Would You Do?

Awwwww… he hearts you.

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45 comments on “You Only Get Half An Hour With This Guy… What Would You Do?
  1. charlie61 says:

    have lunch

  2. nogagreflex4u says:

    and then lunch again….again…and, AGAIN!

  3. pistol_whip0077 says:

    Get him to fuck my face hard and deep down to his balls again and again tell he blow his big load of hot creamy cum .He can come over anytime to play.

  4. jimgood says:

    make him stop doing that little heart thing first of all.

  5. farmingtonguy says:

    @jimgood Could not agree more. He’s a 30 year old man, not a pre-teen girl.

    Beyond that, the hottest thing about him is his bedroom eyes.

  6. markiemark says:

    fall in love

  7. dubdubdub says:

    sheesh jimgood. bitter much?

    he can keep the heart. look at those arms, very very nice bracelus..

    shows the rest of him is super fit too.

  8. mikepat says:

    What the hell would I not do? Eat his cock first then he could fuck my hot ass, the repeat over and over

  9. dutch1959 says:

    What would I do? BLOW HIS SOCKS OFF.

  10. azswaggaboi69 says:

    Ask Him to Marry Me! 🙂

  11. lurker86 says:

    Take him to the tattoo removal specialist; then trim his coarse body hair

  12. jimgood says:

    dubdubdub, me? bitter? never. just hate that! and yes i would kick him out of bed for doing it. (not that he’d ever choose to end up in my bed anyway lol)

  13. SicilianMikey says:

    Do things to him most porn videos never show. Draw your own conclusions bros! 😀

  14. JaseLovesCum says:

    Blow in each others mouth via 69 then snog ‘im to taste the mixture of it.

  15. albuf says:

    Fuck him

  16. tmtbghbcit says:

    I would suck his dick untill i got my reward. Hopefully half an hour is enough time.

  17. FCUGAY says:

    Marry him!

  18. bish1989 says:

    lick all over his hairy body 😛 and eat his arse good & proper

  19. massageu says:

    shave him !

  20. franx says:

    snog his face off whilst rubbing his fur!woooof

  21. flamingkisser says:

    Watch the look on his face while he gets waxed “everywhere”

  22. morefun4u says:

    rim the fuck out of him

  23. country1988 says:

    Taste him and have some Passionate sex…

  24. leeds24 says:

    go to town on his ass!!!

  25. MagicMassage says:

    Eat his ass out ..fuck him…eat his ass out again ..fuck him again …eat his ass out again …fuck him again… go back in time 30 minutes and repeat… and repeat …and repeat ….and repeat ….and repeat…then swap then repeat ..then repeat …you get the picture….

  26. muscledguy10 says:

    Make him take a long shower, he looks like he would stink like a bitch. You now how some guys just look ” Smelly?”

  27. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    very nice and hot

  28. michaelovescock says:

    Start by giving him Head & let him Fuck me!!! He’s HOT!!! 😉

  29. Privet says:

    I would make him shave his face and all that body hair. Nothing very sexy about men who have good faces and bodies and spoil it with neanderthal hair.

  30. abercrmbiepunk says:

    I would start by kneeling down in front of him, licking on his toes and smelling the soles of his feet. Then trailing my tongue up his bare hairy legs to his balls… sucking each one of them into my mouth. I’d then slip my tongue into his asshole, slurping and licking it! And then i would wrap my lips around his juicy cock head, tasting the pre-cum dripping into my mouth, while he pushed his thick juicy dick up and down my throat until he busted his wad all over my face and in my mouth!!!

  31. BigDave1955 says:

    Two words: naked kissing.

  32. MaculineFoothillsMan says:

    Pair him up with…~sigh~… BEN GODFRE, and see if any Chemistry was there, and whether he could attract the attnetion of the Hottest Male Stud on the Net ;-(

  33. meissen says:

    He is not my type at all.

  34. azulmelb says:

    Uhh…ANYthing and EVERYthing!

    What is he – Italian? Middle Eastern? Yum yum yum.

    Give us his name Sgt. Coach!

    p.s. – when are you gonna put up some HOT Asian dudes like Akihiro Sato on here?? It’s like for every one hundred hot white boy, you’ll follow up with one or two HOT minority dudes and one or two averag-ish minority dudes – followed by yet another gazillion white dudes.

    Diversity man, diversity. If you don’t know where to look for hot nonwhite dudes – I CAN HELP!

  35. bazsa says:

    well something for Valentines day. he looks cute but with a devil side so lets be naughty. a cuddle and a fuck.

  36. ukdanny19 says:

    EVERYTHING! He’s the sexiest thing i’ve seen! I want to see more of his sexy, hairy body.

  37. woodcock says:

    .. Say hello then F U C K H I M !!!

  38. joeblobbz says:

    Tell him to stop biting his nails.

  39. suckinfuck says:

    I would do things to him that would make farm animals blush!!!*_*

  40. endman says:

    I would squeeze my big cock into his hott butt inch-by-thick-inch until my crotch hairs are pressed against his butt… then FUCK him a long time!

  41. hotfacedbud says:

    I’d marry him.
    So then I could spend a lifetime with him!

  42. michael20 says:

    fuck him. and then beg for more time ;P haha

  43. fei says:

    Walk in the rain in silence looking at each other from time to time, then say sa yeon na la.

  44. vallhala says:

    eat his ass for 15 minutes then have him f me the other 15.

  45. moreskin says:

    Find out whether cum sticks to his fur.