Cute Guy On XTube

This guy is just too cute for words. I think I posted him a few months back giving himself a good sounding. Here he is in a simple jerk off video (2 more after the jump). I love the way he smiles & giggles through-out. He’s so excited to be sharing his “intimate” moments. God bless him!

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27 comments on “Cute Guy On XTube
  1. racintime says:

    Wow by far the hottest vids you have posted here. What a hot sexy young man…..

  2. guy2guy44 says:

    I agree racintime. Very hot. So damn cute

  3. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    He makes me very horny

  4. flamingkisser says:

    Perfection! So erotic!

  5. morefun4u says:

    very hot

  6. delawareboy says:

    love to help this guy..before –during and afterward my tonuge would clean him up….lick those balls during….enjoy that smileing face…..

  7. oldallcummers says:

    Yep! I could wring a few giggles out of that boy all right. He can come round and sit on my prong anytime he likes. I reckon his wad is aimed right at my open mouth.

    Many thanks, Sarge!

  8. meissen says:

    Sexy light colour pubic hair. He can cum and treat my nipples and I will do his. What a dream!!!!!!!!!!

  9. brutalisemyarse says:

    Sarge looks like you found my future husband lol!!!! I very hot little fella woof!

  10. tristangrendel says:

    Normally j/o vids are not my thing (I like to see at least one additional guy involved), but this wanker has got such a sexy smile I got hard without even touching myself. His facial hair adds that extra bit of turn-on that had me wanting to help him out … surely his balls are begging for some male attention!

  11. oorwullie2 says:

    He’s more than cute, he’s absolutely fuckin gorgeous! Love to be sharing his bed!

  12. readie69 says:

    The best I’ve ever seen on here. Personality means alot to me, and what a cute smile. Could’nt decide to watch his face or his cock. He is definately a keeper. What I would’nt give for this guy.

  13. readie69 says:

    I’m in love!!!!!!!!!

  14. trueone says:

    A great series. My favorite is the third one. His smile, the way he looks at the camera and smiles when he adjusts things, and his conversation with someone on camera are great.

  15. azulmelb says:

    Yup, this guy is beyond cute and sexy! How can I download his videos?!!

  16. mikepat says:

    This guy must like cumming as much as I do..We would make a good couple,,,, IF he can fuck my hot ass as well as he can jerk off..

  17. lurker86 says:

    Wow. Simplicity rules. No tats, just sexiness.
    It is as tho he’s just learned how to do that and he wants to show us over and over what he can do. Keep at it, kid! Practice makes perfect.

  18. markptbo says:

    Cute guy with a sexy smile and nice laugh. Nice hairy chest too!

  19. ern says:

    what a hot sexy good looking man where can one meet one like him Love the smile when he cums

  20. alan44 says:

    Sgt. Coach has a different definition of cute that I do. This guy is so handsome and rugged! A cute boy would shave before filming himself. Give he a handsome rugged man anyday!

  21. cockwrapper says:

    YUM ! Great bod,great shooting cock,luv the piss and cum play,if his ass is as hot,then we both want his ass and nips as well,YUM 4 BUM !

  22. Trunzo says:

    A star is born. Beautiful eyes — great smile. I love to see a man enjoying himself as much as we enjoy him enjoying himself.

  23. Spikeboi says:

    I so want him as my boyfriend/lover/husband!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Kinda looks like Ryan Gosling a little eh?

  25. lookig04 says:

    Says he like women….sure.

  26. readie69 says:

    Please keep this guy on here forever. I’ve found what I’ve been looking for all my life.

  27. hungry4cum1 says:

    He sure is cute and sexy!